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Step by step how to assign BO 4.X to SLD and configure EWA


In this guide I will show how to report BOE 4.0 SLD data through SLD data supplier to SLD, and how to configure EWA

The SAP EarlyWatch Alert is a diagnostic service, for the solution monitoring of SAP and non-SAP systems in the SAP Solution Manager.


1.       This guide in only for BO 4. X

2.       This documents is relevant for Solution manager 7.1

3.       DAA agent is installed on the BO server

                         For details how to installed DAA agent check this link –

Step 1:

SLD registration

Part of the DAA installation is to register the system to SLD


The next step is to report BOE 4.0 data to SLD using connect.key


1.    Open the CMD

2.    Navigate to the default SAPHOSTAGENT install path.

On Windows: Program Files\SAP\hostctrl\exe

On Unix: /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe

3.    Run the following command

sldreg -configure connect.key

4.   Enter the following configuration details

User name



Port number

Specify to use HTTP


After the registration you must restart the BO

Check the log here –

C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\java\lib\bobj-sld-ds\log

Check SLD after the register


Check the solution manager





Step 2

Before you continue you need to assign the system to logical component and add the system to solution

·     Assignment to logical components


·     Add the system to solution


Change the SID for BO

SAP recommendation for renaming the SID and extended SID

In step 1 of managed system setup, please open Technical System Editor. Now

You could switch to Edit mode and change the extended SID

Change the extended SID


Assign the diagnostics – relevant


Assign to product system


Step 3

The next step is to configure the system in work_center

Navigate to SAP solution manager configuration


Go to manage system configuration and start the managed system setup in the step of the configure automatically you create EWA for the BO



SAP Sources:

SAP Note 1653689 – SolMan 7.1: Managed Sys Setup – BI Platform 4.0

Business Intelligence Platform Administrator Guide

SAP Note 1722874 – Troubleshooting Solution Manager Root Cause Analysis for BOE

I hope this guide will help you to configure the BO system

Feel free to ask questions

Best Regards

Naor Shalom

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  • Hi Naor,

    I am trying to register BO in solman SLD with the help of your steps.

    We are in step 1

    Run the following command sldreg -configure connect.key

    and gave

    User name J2ee_admin


    Host solman hostname

    Port number 50000

    Specify to use HTTP  n

    and it is registered succssfuly but in log it gives error as below.

    Mon Nov 18 11:39:54 2013 HTTP open timeout = 420 sec
    Mon Nov 18 11:39:54 2013 HTTP send timeout = 420 sec

    Mon Nov 18 11:39:54 2013 HTTP response timeout = 420 sec

    Mon Nov 18 11:39:54 2013 Used URL: http://hostname:50000/sld/ds

    Mon Nov 18 11:39:54 2013 HTTP open status: true - NI RC=1

    Mon Nov 18 11:39:54 2013 HTTP send successful.

    Mon Nov 18 11:39:54 2013 Return code: 401 --- Return message: (Unauthorized)

    Mon Nov 18 11:39:54 2013 HTTP response: Failure. HTTP status code: 401

    Mon Nov 18 11:39:54 2013 ****************************

    Mon Nov 18 11:39:54 2013 *** End SLD Registration ***

    Mon Nov 18 11:39:54 2013 ****************************

    Mon Nov 18 11:39:54 2013 Data send status: false

    kindly advice.



    • Abdul, please check on the userid maintained to connect systems to your SLD, if the userid has appropriate roles it should work.  And, is SLD maintained in SOLMAN? If not, please provide the FQDN address of the host where SLD is maintained in your company. It will work.


      Haseeb Ahmed.