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ByD Consulting Tutorial: How to Rent a Product in Business ByDesign

I have been asked many times on how to manage a rental in ByDesign. Here, I reveal my secret solution, which is simple and easy. Note that you will need some base knowledge in Products, Services, and Logistics. These are easily learned via the built-in help.

Note that I am posting this via an old/irrelevant SCN account while the SCN Team figures out how to get me into my normal account.


Step 1: Create a rental material

Create a new Material for your rental product. Make sure it is activated for all Relevant Processes. Make sure to maintain the product cost in Valuation

Material 1.png.

Step 2: Create a rental service

Create a new Service corresponding to your rental product. Make sure it is activated for all Relevant Processes. Do not maintain a service cost in Valuation.

Service 1.png

Step 3: Create a Sales Order for your rental productSO1.png


Assuming you have stocked up on this item (you may even consider creating a separate Rentals logistics area, but let’s keep it simple for now.

Click Submit > Release Order.

Step 4: Deliver the rental item

Run the Release Due Deliveries Run in Outbound Logistics
Control. In Outbound Logistics > Delivery Proposals, Post Goods Issue. Your
inventory for this item will be reduced by the amount in the Sales Order.

Step 5: Invoice the Customer for the first week


Step 6: Monitor Sales Order and Release Execution Each Week to Invoice the Customer

Each week, edit the sales order and complete execution on a week’s rental. Complete Execution for each week as each week occurs. Do this by selecting the line item and select Complete Execution.


Step 7: Assume the rental term is completed and each rental week has been invoiced.

In Inbound Logistics, create a new Parts Delivery NotificatiionPARTS.png

Step 8: In Inbound Logistics > Task Control, simply Confirm the put-away task.


Now your rental product is back in stock and you can rent it out again.



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  • Judson,

    thank you for sharing your knowledge here. Great tutorial!

    I have one question...I never saw this workaround before and I like it but I think about if financial bookings in background are correct? Have you any experience with a customer? You sell the product and some services, correct? And you invoice both, or only services? If you invoice both than you create a credit memo at the end?

    Sorry some more questions.. 🙂



    • Andreas...essentially each line item is a week's rental of the product. Line 1 is a Material so it can be taken out of inventory. Lines 2 - 4 are Services with no cost because they are simply rental fees for these weeks.

      You would invoice each week. When the item is shipped (handed over, whatever), it comes out of inventory and an Invoice Request is created. Then on each subsequent week, you execute one SO item and invoice the customer. Basically they are paying a weekly rental fee until they return the material.

      No credit memo at the end since each line represents one week's rental fee.

  • Hello,
    for this usecase we have a SAP Business ByDesign addon. It is called "BIT Equipmentmanagment".

    Robert Focker
    Bautzen IT

    -> 01712400026<-