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Application Server Load Balancing option

it is highlt reccommended that you SAP for load balancing, please ensure that you have the option in CPS ‘App server laod balacing’ unchecked to allow SAP to do load balacning. This option is listed under the SAP system in CPS, please choose SAP system -> edit and uncheck this option. Please see example in attached.


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  • Hi Adrienne,

    Can you expand on why it is recommended? My understanding is that CPS load balancing is quite advanced and will check reported values from SAP as well as OS data from the system.

    Regards, Jamie

    • hi Jamie

      Yes its fine if you configure CPS on its own for load balancing, but there have been a lot of customer that configured both SAP and CPS for load balancing, which has caused conflicts in the past when assigning jobs to particular servers. So recommendation is if you have SAP configured to do load balancing then uncheck this option in CPS.

      I hope this has answered your question.