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Acronyms used in & around SAP HANA

In this blog I am trying to collect all acronyms which we use very frequently.

ADP                     Adaptive Processing Server

ADS                     Advantage Database Server

ACID                    Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability

ADBC                  ABAP Database Connectivity

API                       Application Programming Interface

AFLs                    Application Function Libraries

ALM                     Application Lifecycle Management

ASE                     Adaptive Server Enterprise

AWS                    Amazon Web Services

BFL                     Business Function Library

BI                         Business Intelligence

BI                         BusinessObjects Business Intelligence

BICS                   Business Intelligence Consumer Service

BPC                    Business Planning and Consolidation

BPS                    Business Planning and Simulation

BOBI                   BusinessObjects BI

BODS                 BusinessObjects Data Services

BOE                    BusinessObjects Enterprise

BW                      Business Warehouse

BLOB                    Binary Long Object

BPM                   Business Process Management

CRM                    Customer Relationship Management   

CLOB                  Character large object

CE                       Calculation Engine          

CO-PA                Controlling-Profitability Analysis

DDL                      Data Definition Language

DML                     Data Manipulation Language

DCL                     Data Control Language

DR                        Disaster Recovery

DXC                     Direct Extractor Connection

DR                        Disaster Recovery

DBMS                  Database Management System

ECC                     ERP Central Component

EDW                    Enterprise Data Warehouse

EIM                       Enterprise Information Management

EPM                     Enterprise Performance Management

ERP                      Enterprise Resource Planning

ETL                       Extraction-Transformation-Load

ESP                      Event Stream Processor

EDI                        Eletronic Data Interchange

ECDA                   Enterprise Connect Data Access

GRC                      Governance, Risk and Compliance

HAF                       HANA Analytical Foundation

HSRP                    Hot Standby Router Protocol

HPC                       High Performance Cloud 

ICM                        Internet Communication Manager             

IMCE                     In-Memory Computing Engine

IDE                         Integrated Development Environment

IMSL                       International Mathematical & Statistical Libraries

JDBC                    Java Database Connectivity        

JSON                    JavaScript Object Notation

MEAP                   Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

MDG                     Multi-Dimensional Governance

MDM                     Multi-Dimensional Modeling

MDM                     Master Data Management

MDM                     Meta Data Management

MDX                     Multi Dimensional expressions

MDF                      Meta Data Framework

MPP                     Massively Parallel Processing

MVCC                  Multi Version Concurrency Control

ODBC                  Open Database Connectivity

ODBO                  Object Linking and Embedding, Database for Online Analytical Processing

OData                  Open Data Protocol

OLAP                   Online Analytical Processing

OLTP                   Online Transaction Processing

OLFIT                   Optimistic Latchfree Index Transversal

PAAS                   Platform as A Service

PMML                   Predictive Modeling Markup Language

PAM                      Product Availability Matrix          

PAL                       Predictive Analysis Library

PSUs                    Power Supply Units

PRS                      Primary Replication Server

RDA                      Real Time Data Acquisition

RS                         Replication Agent

RDS                      Replicate Data Server

RPC                      Remote Procedure Call

RSI                        Replication Server Interface

RPO                      Recovery Period Objective

RTO                      Recovery Time Objective

RDS                     Rapid Development Solution

RDL                     River Definition Language

RDTP                  Real Time Data Platform

SHAF                  SAP HANA Analytical Foundation

SMP                    Sybase Mobiliser Platform

SQLA                  SAP Sybase Mobile database SQL Anywhere

SRM                    Supplier Relationship Management

SCM                    Supply Chain Management

SRS                    System Replication Service

SLT                     SAP Landscape Transformation (LT) Replication Server

SLD                    System Landscape Directory

SLO                    System Landscape Optimization

SLES                  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

SUM                    Software Update Manager

SUP                    Sybase Unwired Platform

SOP                    Sales & Operations

SRS                    Sybase Replication Server

SWP                   Strategic Workforce Planning

TREX                  Text Retrieval and Extraction

VDL                    Virtual Data Layer

VDM                   Virtual Data Mart

XS                       Extended Application Services 

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