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SAP Developer Programs at SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando 2013

Do you have a team of developers? Then, you’re sitting on a goldmine!

During the past few years, research analyst firm Redmonk has pointed out the importance of developers referring to them as the new kingmakers. This renewed interest on developers recognizes the role that they play in driving the adoption of new technologies and powering innovation within companies.

Just like consumers drove the adoption of new devices at work a few years back, developers today have access to the latest database, mobile and cloud technologies, and are becoming productive on those technologies within minutes. Leveraging your developer’s natural curiosity for new technologies and their skills to integrate them to build enterprise apps can be a win-win for you, your developers, your company, your customers, and everyone else in your ecosystem.

Consider the following situations for a minute: imagine if you take your biggest consumer challenge, give your developers access to the HANA cloud and ask them to put a new consumer experience site together. Or, challenge your developers to take your data of the last 15 years, put it all into a HANA box, and see what they can get out of it.The development possibilities are endless – give it a try! 

If you are attending SAPPHIRE in Orlando in May, stop by the SAP for developers table (DT601 – Develop and Innovate with SAP HANA) in the Database & Technology campus to talk to our evangelists about developer programs, use cases, how your developers can get started, how they can learn new technologies, and more.

In addition, check out the sessions and activities highlighted in the Survival Guide below which focus on the development of apps on the different platforms, creating engaging user experiences, opportunities to meet with the experts and talk about app development on a specific technology, test drive areas to check out some of the latest apps, etc.


Download in pdf format.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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