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Pipeline performance management – Quota Planning

Aim of this blog is to promote the Interactive reporting functionality of CRM Analytics.

Interactive Reporting works in the following way:

First, the user should be a BP and proper org assignment must be done

The report displays only transactions that the current user has created. The user cannot see transactions from other users.

If the user is a manager, then they can see their transactions and the transactions created by their team.

Here, by transactions I mean documents and by user I mean the user executing the report.

Quota Planning

The quota planning page allows sales managers to define quota values for each quarter for directly assigned employees and organizational units. Sales managers can then define the quotas for the next lowest level and transfer the planning to the sales manager on the next lowest level of the organizational hierarchy. Sales managers can also plan quota at a detailed level, or set monthly quota distribution.

Sales quotas are shown as target lines in the following pages:

  • Target to Date
  • Closing Date
  • Sales Pipeline

The totals are calculated for the year.

Configuration for management

The Quota Planning is done in such a way that the quota for a particular organizational unit is set by the Manager who owns this
org unit.

The target value shows in “Target to Date” is the quota value set by higher manager and not the value accumulate from lower
org units.

Suppose there exist following org structure:

Org O1
      Manager M1
     Org O2
        Manager M2
Org O3
        Org 04

M1 and M2 are marked as “Head of own organisational unit” in PPOMA_CRM and they have the authorization to set quota value for their subsequent own org units.

If M1 set quota value for O2, this will appear as O2’s target value, the quota value set by M2 (manager of O2) for O2’s subsequent org unit
(O3 and O4) will sum up to the line “total” as the accumulate value.

If you logon system with M2, you will see the target value set by M1 shown in the first line of the quota planning form, also the “target”
value beside the chart.

To sum up, the target shown in the “Target To Date” is the quota set by the manager of the upper org unit.

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