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DSLayer: Bundles of SAP Joy

SAP Analytics customers have a new way to purchase products, and SAP has a clever way to get us kids to eat our vegetables (so to speak). Eric, Jamie, and I sat down with Jayne Landry, who’s job title is hard to fit on a business card, to talk about the new licensing strategy of Bundles.

Head on over to and download the podcast, and serve it up with a heapin’ helpin’ of show notes:

00:30 – Intros and bromance

01:20 – Some good chuckles about Jayne’s long job title

02:00 – What’s a Bundle?

02:30 – Janye gives a history lesson on now license bundles came to be

03:15 – We like to eat elephant

04:20 – An Analytics smoothie

05:00 – Who is the target market for analytics bundles?

05:40 – A shout-out to Tammy Datri and her enthusiasm for EDGE

07:30 – Sad reality that we can’t put the whole BI suite on a PC under our desk

08:00 – First mention of Visual Intelligence

08:30 – Greg reminisces about the time he had to choose Microsoft over SAP

10:00 – Jamie is curious about packages. Industry packages, that is.

11:00 – Jayne relays how a partner did a happy dance in her office

12:00 – Jamie speculates about the addition of database tech into the bundle

13:30 – Mobi gets some love

13:40 – Jamie blows the lid off of the Afaria inclusion into the Bundle

15:60 – How does all of this go over in other markets like APJ?

17:50 – Discussion of the Concurrent Session Based License (CSBL)

19:00 – Rounding out the offering?

20:00 – Predictive gets some love

21:15 – Wrap-ups and parting comments

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