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From long time I was looking for BEX query comparison tool but I did not get anything and after long efforts I got one idea to compare Bex Queries in Different client.

And I wanted to share this with all of you.


Many times queries are modified in production directly which create problem to keep queries in sync.

First of all I want to say it may not 100% accurate to compare Query in different client/system but it is boon to reduce your manual comparison of Query.

Let’s start with “How to Compare Query in Different client/system?

Let’s have scenario here you want to compare Query from PROD TO DEV then

Go to PROD and enter Tcode RSRTQ


Enter Query name as follows and execute.


You will get all query definition as follows then click on Download(F9)



Click on OK…


Then Go to  System -> List -> Save -> Local File



Press OK.

Then Create one text file in Notepad say PROD300.txt and paste and save.


Similarly follow all steps in DEV also and create file DEV100.txt


Now we will compare these two files using any Code Comparing Tools.

In my case I am using online Code Difference Comparison Tool .

Put your both code in Text pane 1 and 2 and compare.


Then simply you can compare both queries from PROD & DEV as follows.



Hope this document will be helpful to the readers…

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  1. Former Member

    Good One Puskar, Gud efforts.

    One more easy way also we can check from here.

    That is After Providing query name here (In RSRTQ), we can select the check box for required Query Elements.

    Means, let us say, first select the Check box for Filter and execute then compare the fileter values maintained in Dev and Prod..

    Similarly for Rows / Columns, Cells, Input Variables, Exceptions & Conditions etc..


  2. Martin Grob

    Nice document…ultimately you should come to a non changeable production environment but it took us a long time you can only create adhoc reports in a separate namespace and then you get rid of comparing queries in different systems


  3. Former Member

    It seems that sometimes the ordering of the characteristics/KFs in the query outline do not match across systems, making the line-by-line comparison impossible.


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