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BI4 Maintenance Demystified: Meet ASUG Annual Conference Speaker Chris Vozella


Following up from my previous blog, I would like to introduce Christopher Vozella who is one of the ASUG Annual Conference speakers this year.  Chris is presenting an ASUG session next month titled BI4 Maintenance Demystified.  He is co-presenting with Saroj Parmar.  Chris wrote a similarly titled blog on this topic last year.

I saw Saroj present the BI4 maintenance model at BI4 Elite last November.  This is must-have information to know. 

Please meet Chris below:

How did I get started in BI?

Seagate Software took a chance on me in 1997 and I haven’t looked back since! I began supporting Crystal Reports and soon moved into support of Seagate Info – the originator of the BI Platform! I have had the chance to wear many hats in my years supporting BI but I have always Loved our Products & our Customers and that always seems to be where I end up. ChrisVozellaandFamilyGoofy.png

Which Disney Character Best Describes You?

Goofy would definitely be it! (See picture to the right)  My family and I Love Disney as my wife Alisha and I were married at Disney’s Buena Vista Palace and have seasons passes.  So always Loved all things the mouse and we took our 1 year old daughter to Epcot before she was 2 months old.  As for my buddy Goofy I have run the ‘Goofy Challenge’ 6 times which is the ½ Marathon on Saturday and the Full Marathon on Sunday.  As my wife says anyone who does 39.3 miles in 2 days is GOOFY!

What lead you to present at ASUG Annual Conference?

My co-presenter and I Saroj Parmar get asked constantly to explain the ins and outs of BI4 Maintenance so I was like why don’t we see if ASUG wants us to present it this year in SAPPHIRE/ASUG Annual Conference? We have some great info on the improvements and improved simplicity coming in the delivery and excited to share it!

What do I do for SAP?

For 2013 my goals revolve primarily around Customer and BI Support Team success.   110% focus in getting customers implemented and us effectively serving our customers.  We are not perfect at it but we care and we are working at it! If you have any questions EVER – ask me.


Thank you Christopher Vozella for sharing your story and supporting ASUG.  I hope everyone meets Chris in person at ASUG Annual Conference next month – be sure to attend his session BI4 Maintenance Demystified.

Follow Chris on twitter at @cvozella

Follow ASUG Annual Conference hashtag #ASUG2013 on twitter.

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  • You may be goofy, Chris, but I can certainly attest to the fact that you care about your customers and are open for questions and/or requests for help.  I appreciate the contacts we've had in the last year!  Your team is always positive and strives to make things better.