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6 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use for Contextual Marketing

When we said our goodbyes to Google Reader last month, B2B marketers were looking for ways to fill a void of a content curation staging place.  Relevant curation of content and contextual marketing can be attained by creating a or a few of them: create, update, repeat.

Made in Switzerland.JPG

To begin with, in itself is just a great word: spiffing on the tiny principality of Lichtenstein’s domain – this “Made in Switzerland” company uses a Swiss suffix “li” which makes any Swiss word all the cuter.  I could call myself “Margotli”– it’s a diminutive which sounds playful when spoken in the Swiss dialect: Schwyzerdütsch.  Try it! Launch a website using the “.li” domain!

B2B Marketing in its rawest form has become about content curation.  If you can innovate in how you marry the right content to your audience – a tool like can help. It can also facilitate contextual marketing since you can create multiple newspapers or’s and tweak them for a different audience.

  1. Choose a name that reflects your subject and which contextually resonates with your B2B Marketing audience. Ask: what topics do they enter into a search engine? The’s title may be one of the few ways to build organic traffic from SEO since Google does not index newspapers’ contents – so the links within the [to your site, for example] won’t produce SEO value.  A custom domain name for your can increase SEO.
  2. Find the news sources which your audience is sure to access when seeking information and aggregate them into your Check the topics (or automated categories) of your and select only those you wish to display.
  3. Boost social connections for your brand by identifying and aggregating influencers’ content about your subject  in your  When you promote your you’ll mention them individually and this has a multiplier effect as it is seen by their followers, too.  You can add an entire twitter list at once, if you like.
  4. Wisely choose contextual keywords within your content sources to be relevant to your audience. lets you include a news source with filters – so you aggregate only certain content from that source.
  5. Filter twitter handles to include only the tweets from that handle if they include certain keywords 
  6. Remove competitors names or other words you wish to avoid from tweeters and sources

Inventions on Social.JPG

Contextual marketing can be facilitated by putting to work for you. Here’s a link to my ‘Inventions on Social’ shown above. A B2B created together with my colleagues Charlotte Han and Nadine Ebert on The Customer Edge is coming soon.  Stay tuned!

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