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Taking MOB300 SAP Agentry Essentials

Last month I took the MOB300 course on SAP (Syclo) Agentry Essentials and here is my feedback on the course.

Firstly the course is very much a beginner course, you are not confronted with a complex backend system, but just a simple SQL database which you configure with various provided scripts. The supplied manuals are also very good with each example clearly scripted so you build up a picture of how to build up an agentry application. Your even given an easy to configure Agentry server each, and when you look at the logs you can see what is going on behind.

We had some technical problems on Day 1 and 2. On the first day we had problems loading the Java runtime ! And on the second day we lost our instructor as he was stuck on the M23 during a freak snow storm. However the class was able to cope with day 2 because the documentation was so good and we just proceeded on with the Labs.

The Agentry manuals have all been released as part of SMP 2.3 so you can download them from here:

Development Guide: Agentry Applications

Development Guide: Agentry Language Reference

Guide: Agentry branding

I am looking forwards to MOB310 SAP Agentry work managed course next week ….

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  • Hi David,

    Thank you so much for your blog. I am so pleased to hear that you have found your experience with the MOB300 course to be very valuable, even with the setbacks of a snow storm and Java Runtime install issue. You are absolutely correct in tht MOB300 is a foundations type course to help prepare participants for the far more complex MOB310 and MOB320. MOB30 is a necessary pre-requesite class for the more advanced classes. I am again plaesed that you value th learning exerience enough to write this blog.

    I look forward to hearing more about your experience in subsequent mobility classes.

    For those you reading this blog and are interested in SMP 2.3 Agentry as well as Work Manager for SAP/or IBM Maximo classes, please don't forget to visit and search for either MOB300, MOB310, and MOB320.

    Also, SAP Global Certification has also recently released the first associate level exam for the Work Manager for SAP solution:

    Thanks again David!

    Best success, Vivaldo

  • Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing the info. I'm very interested in SAP(syclo).Unfortunately,there is no trainings in Mainland China.

    Could you share more info. on the MOB class?I will notice your blog as well as possible.



          • Hi Vivaldo:

              Thank you for your reply.

              Your suggestion is very helpful to me.

               I'll follow your suggest to learn the SAP MOB.



          • Vivaldo,

            We, in Brazil, also are needing this training but has no agenda for this year.

            Is the MOB30R and MOB31R the same course as the MOB300 but as an e-learning option?

            I noted a slight difference:

            - Both the MOB30R and MOB31R are based on standalone Agentry Server not part of SMP (SAP Agentry 6.0 SP01)

            - While the MOB300 is based on the SAP Agentry Component already as part of SAP Mobile Platform 2.3;

            Is this right? Do we need to expect much difference considering that the purpose/direction is to deliver projects in the mainstream platform (Agentry as part/component of SMP) and not into standalone Agentry anymore.

            Also, do SAP has any plan to relase an e-learning option for the MOB310?


            Rgds, Luiz

          • Hi Luiz,

            Ideally, I would recommend that you register for the latest MOB300 and MOB310 courses, which, as you have stated, use the same Agentry release as the SMP 3.0 Agentry component. I would make a request to the local SAP Education in Brazil to put the class on teh schedule for yourself and others. If the class isn't on the public schedule in time, please know that MOB300 and MOB310 will be available in eLearning very soon - on the same release as the SMP 3.0 component. The course codes for the eLearnings will be MOB30e and MOB31e. I anticipate they will be ready on webshop in about 3-4 weeks.

            Another option is for you to contact your local SAP Education sales rep and subscribe to the full SAP Learning Hub. The material for the instructor-led versions of all these courses are already on the SAP Learning Hub. Another advantage of the SAP Learning Hub is that you also have access to ALL SAP learning material, including eLearning courses, for the full subscription year. This is a great way to stay on top of all the training without having to rely on public schedules.

            Hope this helps,


          • Vivaldo, many thanks for your kindly support.

            I need to plan when we can have availability of local resources to deliver these kind of projects and, part of the critical path, is the formation of the local resource. Could you please inform the estimated duration for both eLearning versions of  MOB300 and MOB310 (Mob30e and MOB31e) ? I know that the eLearning depends on self paced but considering a consulting assigned 8/h per day focusing only on this training, is there a estimative?

            Also, will the e-Learning option provide environment for hands on? Both Agentry (SMP 3.0) and ECC with the Work Manager Add-on?

            Many thanks in advance.

            Best rgds, Luiz

          • Hi Vivaldo,

            SAP contacted me and there is no availability for training at Brazil until now.

            Is the release of the e-learning options (MOB30e and MOB31e) still as planned (according to your estimation - approx more two weeks)?

            tks, Luiz