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SAP Portal @ ASUG and SAPPHIRENOW 2013

SAP Portal ASUG Sessions

In the upcoming ASUG event in Orlando there will be various sessions on SAP Portal portfolio, and these are the main areas we will cover in our sessions:

1. General information on SAP Portal like roadmap, future directions, strategy, influence council, demos, release 7.3 etc.

2. Portal Mobile Experiences

3. SAP HANA Cloud Portal (formerly known as SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal)

4. HANA and HANA UI Services

5. Content Management

All in all we offer over 20 sessions which you can find in the session catalogue by selecting the presentation category “Portals” under the ASUG Annual Conference.

Some Sessions in Detail

Portal in General

Session 2107: SAP NetWeaver Portal Strategy and Roadmap Overview: Innovation in Mobile, Cloud, and In- Memory

SAP Portal Portfolio has been greatly diversified in the last few years. With new innovations such as responsive design-enabled mobile consumption for tablets and smartphones supporting “bring your own device strategy” with mutiple OS and devices support, the newly introduced SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal running on NetWeaver Cloud and next generation in-memory based content discovery and suggestions user interactions. Join this overview meeting to understand the new directions for the portal and upcoming features in the next 18-24 months. Presenters will share demonstrations, videos, and customer stories.

Session 2108: Experience the End-to-End SAP Portal Portfolio: On-Premise, Mobile, Cloud, and HANA

Join this session to learn the fundamentals and get a broad overview about the SAP NetWeaver Portal portfolio. This session targets customers who are starting their SAP Portal journey and would like to learn the core portal features and functions, side-by-side with additional information how to kick-of a successful portal project.

Session 4303: SAP Portal Influence Council

Join this influence meeting to provide feedback on the new directions for the portal. We will share demos, videos, and customer stories.

Session 2206:  Top Five Benefits You Gain from the Latest Innovations of SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3

SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 is out in the market with more than 1,000 implementations already. More and more customers are evaluating the benefits of the new SAP NetWeaver Portal platform and asking how the new portal innovations can support their business requirements. In this session, we will answer these questions while highlighting the top five customer benefits from the latest SAP NetWeaver Portal release.

Session 2212: Putting it all together – recommendations for building your portal infrastructure including mobile and cloud scenarios

Join this session to learn SAP’s recommendations for building an appealing intranet as well as extranet platforms using SAP NetWeaver Portal. The session covers various business scenarios including the extension of your on-premise landscape with cloud-based portal and mobile consumption scenarios.

Session 2111: Innovating with SAP NetWeaver Portal: Lab Preview Demos

During this session, you will be presented with multiple demos and scenarios built in the portals lab, through a demonstration of implementation options, consumption channels, and mash-ups that will help you make the most out of your own portal implementations.

Portal Mobile Experiences

Session 2202: Best Practices for Customizing / Branding your Portal on Desktop and on Device

This session reviews the new tools, utilities, and capabilities introduced by SAP NetWeaver Portal, for creating exciting and amazing portal themes, enterprise branding, and user experiences.

Session 2204: SAP Netweaver Portal on Device Fulfilling Your Enterprise Mobile Strategy(ies) – Recommendations and Considerations for a Successful Implementation

SAP Netweaver Portal on Device allows multiple deployment and usage alternatives serving the dynamic needs of the enterprise which is going/leveraging the mobile platforms. This session would review those usage alternatives, review major considerations leading the enterprise to select one alternative over the other, available integrations and Portal on Devices leading implementation considerations and tips.

Session 2103: How to Build Mobile Homepages in Five Minutes on Your SAP Portal
Join this session and learn how to build beautiful web-based mobile homepages using your SAP Portal and Enterprise Workspaces. Bring your iPads for live demos.

Session 2112: Top Five Mobile Solutions to Build with your SAP Portal
Leverage your SAP Portal and build quick mobile solutions for your business. Would you like to build mobile solutions for your business in 10 minutes? Now it’s possible. Quick ramp-up and agile showcases for your business groups headline this session.

SAP HANA Cloud Portal

Session 2208: Unwiring Your Business: Get a Mobile Ready Portal Site in the Cloud
In this session, presenters will discuss how mobile-first approach has been implemented as part of the core funtionalities of SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal using HTML5 with gesture support and dynamic adaption to a range of devices.

Session 2211: Easy Creation of On Demand Social Sites for Your Intranet and Extranet
Learn how to seamlessly connect customers, employees, and suppliers and how to provide a unified collaboration and social networking experience across your business applications by leveraging the SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal and SAP Jam.

Session 2113: What Should I take to the Cloud? The Most Exciting Use Cases You Can Start With by Using the SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal
Find out how to quickly build attractive business sites and about leveraging Cloud Portal for combining new cloud apps with existing on-premise assets.

HANA and HANA UI Services

Session 2203: Next Generation Content Aggregation on HANA: Delivering the Right Content at the Right Rime in a Big Data Environment
Finding the right content has always been tough. This is especially challenging in an enterprise environment of big data with content of vast volume, variety, and constant change. In addition, the user’s complex and constantly changing context drives highly challenging and changing content needs. Presenters will share some of the revolutionary concepts addressing this challenge.

Session 0706: Quick ramp-up of Hana Applications with Hana UI Integration Services by SAP Portals
SAP Hana UI Integration services allow fast composition of beautiful user interfaces for SAP HANA-based web applications. With out-of-the-box capabilities like page building, personalization, and customization, it is simple to create smart web apps harnessing the power of SAP HANA with minimum client side development.

Content Management

Session 2106: Content Management Goes Mobile with SAP NetWeaver Portal
With SAP Portal Content Management by OpenText, customers can now consume enterprise content from any type of mobile device, whether it’s on a tablet, smartphone, or just a the good old laptop.

Session 2209: Leverage Portal User Productivity Using SAP Portal Content Management by OpenText
SAP Portal Content Management by OpenText features state-of-the-art content management for SAP Portal users. Productivity is boosted due to social collaboration and mobile access capabilities which are tightly integrated with the SAP Portal. In this session, presenters will review the solution’s features, showcase a live demonstration, and discuss the product’s roadmap.

More information in SAP Portal sessions:
Read this blog by SAP Portal Product Manager Aviad Rivlin who wants to invite you to join him at this ASUG sessions and learn more about the latest innovations of the SAP NetWeaver Portal – Core, Mobile, In-Memory.


At SAPPHIRENOW you can meet our experts in the following campuses:

  • Database and Technology
  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Industries

Meet us at the following pods: DT625 and MO414.

And you can see us at the following sessions:

64600 Demo Theater: Improve the User Experience by Modernizing Your Portal
Use innovative mobile, cloud, and in-memory computing technology to create intuitive enterprise portals that connect information, people, and processes across organizational boundaries. See how you can benefit from the extended portal functionality in software from SAP.

64604 Microforum Discussion: Deliver the Right Content to the Right People at the Right Time
This discussion examines how advancements in mobile, cloud, and Big Data technologies can help you manage content more efficiently. Explore how you can maximize user productivity through the content management functionalities of the SAP NetWeaver Portal component.

DT625 Expert Table: Create Engaging Customer Experiences: Portals, Gateways, and Beyond
Improve user satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty by creating contemporary user experiences for employees, customers, and partners. Explore the user interface strategy that can help make it happen.

Note: In case you would like to arrange a meeting with one of our experts at SAPPHIRENOW and/or ASUG conference, please contact us via

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