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Replay and presentation: Camilion Session II – Camilion Product Configuration and Quotation Management

Title: Camilion Product Configuration and Quotation Management – Demo

Speaker: Michel Basque

Target Audience: Partners, webinar tailored for executives and customer-facing sales and pre-sales teams.

Duration: 60 min (max)

Replay & Presentation: Access here

Access requires S-User ID. To request S-User ID: Click here


SAP has recently acquired Camilion for their product management and quotation/underwriting capabilities.  Insurers today face great pressure to make sure that their products are priced appropriately and relevant to the marketplace, while trying to manage a reduced IT maintenance budget.  Buy understanding their products better, and empowering the business to manage and maintain those products, time to market is reduced, and quality is increased.  By separating all aspects of product configuration from the transactional work of the policy management system, Insurance carriers can maintain their existing products more efficiently, and can quickly create new offerings to meet the needs of new markets.

This session will provide an overview of the capabilities of SAP Product and Quotation Management for Insurance using specific examples derived for some key prospects.


•Creating a Quote in minutes

•Overview of the modules of SAP Product and Quotation Management

•Behind the curtain:  Understanding how the product is configured, and the features and capabilities of the Product Configurator

•Additional capabilities:  Reviewing the breadth of functions within Quotation Management

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