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Business Intelligence is not just about fetching Data

Intelligence is expanding its horizon as the business complexities are increase. There is a old school thought which say follow an static process. Many times in that process some unstated questions remains hidden. 

1. Under standing the business problem: As the customer knock at our door. The first thing we do is to understand what our customer is trying to say but without understanding what he/she is actually looking for. Every times, we make such mistakes and understand the customer problem properly but we interpret incorrectly. why this problem comes up?

2. Identify the sources for data collection: As we understood the customer problem, first thing we do it to identify the list of sources from where we can get some reference or some hits which can lead us towards solution of the problem. We again put our intelligence to identify the maximum number of sources from where the information can be gathered. If we have not understood what customer is looking for then on what basis we are identifying the list of sources for data collection?

3. Collection & Validate the data: Various techniques are being used to collect the accurate data from different sources and validate it. the collected data is being validated by implementing different type of techniques like giving preference to authentic sources. On what basis we decide the authenticity of the data source?

4. Develop the Solution: On the basis of final reports we develop the solution and our job is done.

If we see the full process flow then there is a very huge ambiguity in the system. Once the solution is deployed and customer has actually generate good profit from the implemented solution  then we can say the project is successfully but do we ever consider that will that solution will generate the incremental revenues for at-least next 5 years. I think we don’t.

We need a Intelligence system where we can at-least close such basic level loopholes.

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