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Employment & Personal Information not showing up in SuccessFactors?

I recently got a query about Employee Profile screens not loading in SuccessFactors and I wanted to share the scenario and how it was resolved. This is a very common issue that users run into when implementing the Standard Integration.


The team had implemented the Standard Integration Add-On to move Employee & Organization data from SAP to SuccessFactors via the CSV file. Installation of the add-on went as expected, but after they upload the CSV, they get an application error, please try again later. If you close that error, and go to check the Personal information, you receive the following error” Could not execute query”:

The question is what went wrong and why is the data not showing up.

How do you resolve it?

Believe it or not, the resolution is very simple. The Standard Integration provided by SAP (Integration Add-On) is not compatible with Employee Central. In this case, the environment that was being integrated too had Employee Central included and hence the Employment Information and Personal Information screens were giving an error. In other words, the data was loaded into <standard-element> instead of the <hris-element>. The <standard-element> is used by the Basic Profile and <hris-element> is used by the Employee Central Profile screens.

When the implementation tried the same integration in an environment that did not have Employee Central but used the standard profile, the integration worked as expected.

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  • Hi Praveen,

    Just to add to your note. Integration Add On creates a Employee Profile or a Basic User Import which is completely different from Personal and Employment Information Portlets/ views of EC and there is no cross reference b/w the two. Even in Employee Central, I think you should be able to see the details but under "Profile" menu item. The imports for Personal and Employment information are dealt in different manner. Checking import templates for these two would make it clear.