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Take a Master Class in How to Get Rich – at SAPPHIRE NOW

Stalking is not a laughing matter but Dawn Crew jokes that only by chasing Lewis Schiff on Twitter and LinkedIn, was her team lead Ursula Ringham, able to sign Schiff as a speaker and special guest at SAPPHIRE NOW. Schiff, author of Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons, and a thought leader on wealth creation and entrepreneurialism, will speak to SAP partners at the event.

Dawn, VP of Product Marketing for Ecosystem & Channels at SAP, is herself is infected with the entrepreneurial spirit. Early in her career and long before she joined SAP, she launched and led a Microsoft reseller company, later acquired by Tectura.  This experience gave her a keen understanding of the partner business.

In a phone interview Dawn told me about why she decided to bring Lewis Schiff to Orlando. “He is interested not in the people who come from multi-generational wealth, but those who come from middle class roots. What did they do to make money that is different? This is a topic that resonates with partners. I’m putting myself in the position of a partner, going to a conference and thinking ‘what would I want to get out of it’?”

“The majority of SAP partners are led by owner-operators or leaders who have a stake in the business. In the back of their minds is always how are they going to grow their business.  Most are also entrepreneurs, and have an entrepreneurial spirit and drive. At SAPPHIRE NOW, they will hear about key attributes to creating wealth – it will validate something that is already in them. It’s a real opportunity for partners to bring Lewis in.”

How did she identify Schiff as someone who could excite partners at SAPPHIRE NOW? Dawn explains, “We had the recommendation. I watched a video of his online and then downloaded his book to my kindle. I was convinced he was the right person. Ursula tweeted him and then called him.” She says, “If we weren’t stalking him on social media, we would never have connected!”

Schiff will give a presentation at the high tech theatre on May 15th, and will be part of a panel discussion in the partner theatre (SME campus). Watch this space for details! In the meantime, I recommend a Forbes interview with Schiff. Or check out the Brilliant Business site.

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