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Applying Filters

This document is prepared based on SAP HANA Version SPS05 Revision 47.

In the Navigator panel of HANA studio, when you expand Catalog folder you may see the huge list of Schemas and similarly a huge list of packages for Content folder, a huge list of Column views under _SYS_BIC schema.

Whenever an information view (Attribute view or Analytic view or Calculation view) is activated, a copy of information view will be placed in Column view of _SYS_BIC schema and there is a good scope to see a big list in this column view.

(For better visibility I pasted column views side by side)


When we want to view a particular column view then we need to scroll down till we find our column view and this is somewhat we does not like to scroll always. So we have the feature to apply Filter on Column view to see only the view which we want to see. In this example say “srk/DT_EMPLOYEE/RV“.

Steps to apply filter:

Step 1: Right click on column view and select “Filter” as shown below.


Step 2: Enter the name of the column (You can enter partial name or full name). If it is partial name then you will see the column view names containing the partial name we given. In this example I am giving full name.


Step 3: Now we can see the only column view name from a bunch of list. Also you see the name of our filter beside the Column Views folder.


If you want to see another column view just repeat the above process from Step 1 to Step 3. In this example I want to see all the column views containing the word “srk”. So again if we apply filter then previous filter will be overridden with new filter.


Now you can see our new filter name beside the Column Views folder and it contains around 15 column views matching the word “srk” as shown below.

To remove the filter, right click the Column view folder and again select the filter name “srk”.


This will remove our filter and again you can see a bulk list of column views.

We can also perform filter on Catalog folder for Schema, Public Synonyms, Functions, Indexes, Procedures, Sequences, Synonyms, Tables, Triggers, and Views.

We can apply filter on Users and Roles under Security folder.

We can apply filter packages under Content folder.

We can also filter objects under a particular package.

That’s it, we are done with with Applying and removing Filters

Thank You.

Raj Kumar

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