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I am not sure what kind of commenting strategy you use at your company.

* Do you hear the people sing?

In a lot of SAP delivered code I either see no comments or comments in German.

* Singing a song of angry men?

Thankfully Google translate can give a literal kind of hint about what the authors were trying to get at.

* It is the music of a people

I like to provide comments with a least a hint at what is going on or why a strategy has been used.

* Who will not be slaves again!

At one client in particular one of the team ( and a senior member ) at that liked to included song lyrics from ‘Les Miserables’.

* When the beating of your heart

It didn’t make you miserable. I found it was quite an entertaining way to brighten up your day

* Echoes the beating of the drums

So when you next find an interesting or quirky comment block.

* There is a life about to start

Say a thank you to the developer who put it in there to make you smile.

* When tomorrow comes!

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  • So i should say thank you for comments like

    *   take a deep breath to avoid double processing       "note 1111286

        wait up to 1 seconds.

    * as this function module has been identified as obsolete,

    * the following short dump is intended.

    * please have a look at note 552326 for details.

      COMPUTE SY-SUBRC = 1 / 0.

    * This class does external performs in order to provide a clean

    * interface to the outside world. We have no good way to avoid them.

    * DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS. THIS WILL HURT!                     "XYV


      IF sy-subrc NE 0.

    *   PANIC !!!

    *   If there are *NO* data at this stage, some bullshit

    *   happened before. Therefore:

    *    MESSAGE x015 WITH space space space space.

    *   DSD Endabstimmungslauf: Schwerer Anwendungsfehler.

        CHECK sy-subrc = tpmco_subrc_0.
    * anyting nu? doo-be-do-be-doo?
        CHECK l_str_hr_new <> l_str_hr_old.

    * G O L D E N  R U L E                                                 

    * If you do not know, what a dynpro is:    HANDS OFF                   

    * If you do not know, what a main step is: HANDS OFF 


  • Documentation of the source code is a weak point. But that is not limited to SAP, that's a limitation of developers and project management and does not only apply to ABAP.

    I prefer coding against an API and not having to customize a Web Dynpro component. The API hides the implementation details. Altering directly the source code is way more complex and harder when there are not useful comments provided. What does me

    // SP8

    // EMD-6906

    // 0000 0000


    * @return


    tell? There is a lot of work going on in making better documentation, integrating bug trackers, wikis, quality tests, methodology. But what does it help when the code is shipped and you do not have access to this information? A wiki page that is linked to a specific commit that brings a new feature is nice for those who develop the software. All I get is: fixes #6422

    • Not a lot and I guess the point of the blog is that meaningful comments are better than nothing. It was always a source of fun to come across this particular developers code because there was always a lyric or two in there to get you humming.

      Those sort of comments are like machine comments inserted by build tools and are the domain of write once code.