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End to End Connections from BI Bex query to Xcelsius Dashboard

BEx Query Designer Level

An important task is we need to check whether “Allow External Access to the query” is checked or not in Advanced tab in BEx query Designer, if not, then we have make check it as without this we can’t see this query during connection creation in universe designer.


Universe Designer

Open the Universe Designer client tool and logon using your SAP logon id and password. Cancel the universe creation wizard and create the universe manually. Click on file-> new universe to see the below screen

  •   Click on New Universe, Give Universe name and description


If you want to have a look at already existing connections click on folder icon in connection area to do so.To create a new connection click on new button.


You can see the new button in below screenshot


Then you land on a screen where you have to fill the connection type which is most of the cases is a secured connection, also give a name and description.


And then press next

Then you will get the backend database selection screen, Select SAP under SAP Business warehouse section as shown below and click on next.


Press next then you will get the login parameter screen, fill the credentials as we have to connect the BEx query lying in the SAP BI system.

After filling Press Next


This will list out all the OLAP cubes currently present in the XBI system.  You can see a search bar below.

Enter the query name in the search tab and click on search


Then it will search for your query and find it. Select it and say next


And then press Finish. Increase value of above parameters if necessary.

Then you are done with your connection creation. Test your connection and press ok.


Then next screen will show all the key figures and characteristics in the universe. The universe is created.


Now we have to make this available at a Central repository for reporting purpose. Go to file and select Export, this action put this universe in CMS and will be visible in WEBI. While exporting you can also control the visibility of this universe at group level.


Web Intelligence Rich client tool

Open WebI Rich client. You land up on the below screen Web Intelligent Client – Standalone screen (not connected to XBI).


Click on Universe and Give your SAP authentication Credentials to connect to Central repository and view list of universes stored


Then Select your universe which you have exported, and press select


Now in this screen you can create your own WebI report by using simple drag and drop or it depends on the requirements and Run the query



Save the report first locally and then publish it to a folder under Info view



Then publish it to Info view under save you will find the publish to.. option and after selecting select the folder where you want to publish


Live office

Open excel sheet and select live office option, before that you have ti install Live office in your system.


Select Application Option and go to Enterprise and check mark “use specified logon criteria” give password and select ok


Then Select the interactive Analysis

Then Select the folder and open your published report and select next


Select your report and press next and then Finish.


Then you can see the report in the Excel sheet


Save this report in your system

Dashboard Design (Xcelsius)

Click on Dashboard icon and select the “Model with spreadsheet data” or select “Blank model” later you can import the spreadsheet and browse for the excel



You can work with the data imported. Then go to connections under Data tab to inform xcelsius that so and so connections existed which have to be managed. Several options like refreshing while document is opening or refreshing before document is opened are available here.


Then expand Add and select Live office Connections


Then fill the server web address instead of <webserver> place under session URL. And finally the connection is done; now whenever any changes takes place in the WebI report it automatically makes changes in Xcelsius.


Once dashboard is ready we can select file – >export it to enterprise option and export it to Launch pad

Version Used: SAP Business Objects Dashboard 4.0

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  • Hi,

    there are a number of problems with this document...

    1. your title is misleading

    2. you have no introduction

    3. this connectivity is outdated.

    4. tagging the doc as Analysis OLAP is plain wrong.

    this is specifically: MDX .UNV universe, WebIntelligence, Live Office, and Xcelsius  - which is all the old legacy XI3.1 concepts.

    In BI4.0, we'd really rather see you promoting: direct BICS OLAP connection to BEx query, Dashboard Designer query panel, and direct data-binding to model (thus by-passing the Excel)

    please action the above points!