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BusinessObjects Design Studio – Recent Roadmap Webcast (SDK Updates)

SAP’s Jie Deng provided an EMEA webcast last week covering the roadmap for Design Studio.  She covered topics already covered in this blog so below I am only updating what I thought I heard to be new.

Please note the usual disclaimer applies that anything related to the future is subject to change.


Figure 1: Source: SAP

Figure 1 shows what is new in 1.1

Release 1.1 is finished with development; planned GA is mid-May.

Modern HTML5 CVOM library with more possibilities and options

Align and distribute components in layout area with 3 or 4 components

Filter components – define a range to influence application

It includes local or global variables for calculations, data format conversions.

In 1.1 Design Studio supports variable prompt functions – you can define queries that have a mandatory input without default value (prompt support)

Custom style sheets help influence the look and feel of the application

Figure 1 shows the total row in yellow is influenced by custom style sheet

You can jump from Analysis OLAP Workspace on BI Platform to export to Design Studio for Desktop and iPad purposes and then save on BI Platform and then publish on BI Mobile device. This allows A-OLAP users to publish to mobile devices.

Mobile improvements for iPad, and iPhone support (includes a template to build your own iPhone application)

Platform – customers asked for NetWeaver deployment option for Design Studio – if you do not want to use BI Platform you can use the NetWeaver as a platform (saved as a TLOGO object in BW).  You must be on BW 730 SP9 or BW 731 SP7 or BW 74 SP2.

Hana can be a deployment option – you can save Design Studio applications on the Hana repository.

Partner and customer SDK will be available.  With the SDK you are able to build your own visualization components such as slider. For this SDK beta program will start in June program and partners and customers can test.  Final delivery of SDK will be in 1.2 release.

  Most of the other features covered were already covered in this blog, except the following items.


Figure 2: Source: SAP

For the SDK, if you want a Hichert chart or sliders, you can build the custom components.

Beta SDK program is planned for June, features for GA release 1.2, planned for Q4 this year.


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 shows the iPhone templates.  iPhone support is planned for version 1.1.


Figure 4: Source: SAP

Figure 4 is the roadmap – planned RTC is May (“planned innovation is release 1.1)

Mid term printing, export, SDK – targeting for 1.2

Future direction is after 1.2 – geo map, broadcasting, conversion support from BEx WAD/Dashboards to Design Studio.

Preliminary means things could be changed.

Question & Answer

Q: Differences between XCelsius and Design Studio – conversion – can you say more about the timelines for conversions?

A: XCelsius and Design Studio will merge into one product – Design Studio – Design Studio will cover XCelsius scenarios such as non-SAP systems.  The goal is to provide the basic conversions and this is planned for release after 1.2 – the earliest will be next year.  Architects are creating a concept for this.  Conversions will be simple support.  Basic conversion support will be offered.  How it will happen will be TBD.

Q: Can you also position an object depending on the object above ?

A: For relational positioning  – it is not possible with 1.1 but planned for 1.2. You can use the grid layout to organize components.

Q: In terms of the SDK beta, how do we get involved with it?

A: Registration end of April will be planned on SCN.

Q:  Can you feed a datasource with a BW/bex query for instance.

A: Yes

Q: Can you then also give values as condition to the query?

A: No, exceptions need to be defined in BEx Query Designer.

Q: What are the functional limitations in publishing on NW compared to BI – besides the mobile scenario?

A: If deploy to BI Platform you can use mobile BI solution.  For NW there is a mobile portal solution – not sure of timelines. BI Platform can connect to multiple data sources.  On NW you can only connect to one BW system.


You can meet Jie in person at ASUG Annual Conference, as she is presenting Influence SAP on SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio ASUG Influence Council

If you would like hands-on experience with Design Studio, consider joining ASUG’s pre-conference BI4.1 hands-on session for Monday, May 13 – space is limited, so register today.

Also check out this example Design Studio application Interactive SBOP BI 4 Cluster Patching Guide

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