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What is new in SAP Certification – Part 2

Part 1 covered benefits of certification.  Part 2 covers changes to the SAP Certification Program and question & answer from the April 10th webcast on SAP Certification.

Susan Martin , Global Director of SAP Certification, presented this webcast.  The transformation began in 2007, says Sue.


Figure 1: Source: SAP

SAP identified the three phases to go through to make certification more valuable to stakeholders.


Figure 2: Source: SAP

Transformation step 2 includes setting up the Certification & Enablement Influence Council, including SAP Mentors, industry analysts, lines of business, user groups, customer representatives and SAP global leads from partners.  Step 2 included awareness campaigns and launched professional exams.

Transformation phase 3 includes security testing, auditing and doing everything there.  Credential validity and validation is moving forward.


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 shows the Certification Influence Council which meets 4 times a year, 2 times face to face. They help give market input, priorities from partner and customer perspective.


Figure 4: Source: SAP

There are task forces for subjects as shown in Figure 4.  Task forces help gain more awareness such as webinars.


Figure 5: Source: SAP

A leading requirement was lack of global ways of validating a credential.

This year SAP plans to launch a registry of certified professionals so a customer can search for certified resources (see Figure 5).


Figure 6: Source: SAP

Figure 6 shows the Credential Manager will include self-service scenarios for those who are certified.

Question & Answer

Q: Where can I find out more details about the topics that come up in the exams?

A: SAP training shop –

Q: Is there a professional level exam for Hana?

A: There is an application consultant professional exam for Hana, rolled out in December 2012

Q: How do I get official training material without training?  Can I buy it from SAP?

A: Contact your local SAP Education team – SAP does not give it away

Q: Where can people attend certification?

A: or contact SAP Education.  Certification test centers are in countries world wide

Q: Can we get sample certification exam questions?

A: Available in and see exam overview

Q: Being a certified consultant is always a good but how much assurance can you give a student to get a job after consultant?

A: Be careful about that – certification is one criteria, you are enhancing your value but it is not a job guarantee.  Customer experience, references, interview, academic qualification, hands-on  and it would depend on the employer.   SAP does not endorse idea of job guarantees; job guarantees can be misleading.

Q: Can you describe or outline what the difference between associate and professional in regards to pricing and process?

A: Pricing will vary from country to country.  Professional certification is somewhat more expensive than associate from an exam perspective but assume the professional  does not need the same level of training than an associate would. The process includes eligibility processes in India and China that look at your experience to take the exam.

Q: The importance and validity of S-User validity – what happens when you join another company?

A: The new platform – the S-User is attached to the employer.  From an employer and you move from one partner to the next is an example. At the moment you can contact SAP Education to merge your S-User.  When the Credential Manager platform is launched this will be a self-service scenario. Certification status is yours.

Stay tuned to this SCN space for more updates from SAP.

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  • Tammy,

    Excellent blog and thanks for sharing.  I did however find it disturbing that SAP Education would use a SAP CRM Customer as a success story for certification success when they don't provide a certification for the SAP CRM Web Client Development despite having two courses in this and have publicly stated that they do not believe there is such a job role in the real world nor see the need since the exams they provide contain a % of questions and that should cover.

    I don't know how anyone can take them seriously when they can't align certification to match basic consultant/customer job roles that have existed for multiple years and yet they provide training in their own offerings.  I would not gripe about the customer success stories if they had not used a SAP CRM implementation as an example.  I am still waiting for an honest answer on why they can't provide a true SAP CRM Web Client developer certification.  Until that answer is provided I cannot honestly recommend certification as having value for SAP CRM implementation as it ignores the most critical technical part of a SAP CRM Implementation that can make or break the project and the quality of the implementation.

    To further state I'm not against certification in principle and think these efforts are great, but I do not understand why SAP Education refuses to match the CRM certifications to match the real world.  If they can't fix that problem, then I don't see how they can convince the majority who don't value certification to become certified. 

    Take care,


  • Thinking out loud,

    Isn't it time that certification became mandatory ?

    SAP need to incentivise Customers into filling their Teams with certified resources, perhaps with a reduction in support fees in return for a certain percentage of a Customer's resources being certified ?

    On one side of the field, the SAP Partners are incentivised to have a certain percentage of their consultants certified, but surely it's time for the Customer's to be having a certain percentage of their resources certified and SAP incentivising the Customers to do that ?


      • Hi Vibhor,

        what I mean by SAP Partners are incentivised to have certified professionals in their organisations is, that, there are different levels of SAP Partners, and the higher the level of SAP Partner, the more certified professionals there must be at the Partner.

        Kind regards,


          • there are two ways to look at it, glass half full, and glass half empty

            if the SAP Partner company, wants to climb the levels of SAP Partnership then one of the criteria is the number the percentage of their Consultants who are certified, consequently they have to get the right minimum percentage of their Consultants certified if they want to be higher level SAP Partners,

            so it can be thought of as, the SAP Partner's wish to become a higher level SAP Partner helps their Consultants achieve certification 🙂


  • HI,

    I am planning to do the abap certification,

    I have the certification notes,I have bit confuse with    TAW_10_1, TAW_10_2, TAW_12_1, TAW_12_2  which material should i read for certification.


  • Anyone facing problem on the SAP Credential Manager website?

    Looks like the pearson hosted web form has a bug. For new registrations, the form 'personal information' does not display the date of birth field to input. However, upon submission, it shows date of birth is a required field. Unable to register myself.

    I sent an email to No reply yet.