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State of North Carolina Grantor initiative

Hi All,

I recently came across this information from the State of North Carolina General Assembly website.

These presentations are from the official web site of the State of North Carolina General Assembly. 

The presentation above is from the State Grants Management Oversight Committee.  The committee was made up of the State Controller, Deputy State Controller, State
Budget Director and State Auditor.


The Governor of the State of North Carolina setup a committee to investigate selecting a state wide standard Grants platform.  State wide they were running more than 20 separate grants management systems including SAP Grantor at the State of NC DOT.

Summary & Recommendation:

As part of their review they identified that “SAP is the only ERP capable of meeting NC’s needs from both a grants and financials perspective”.  Their official recommendation is that “Agencies in need of new grant management systems prior to the implementation of a statewide solution should work with OSBM and DOT to adapt DOT’s existing SAP solution”

The presentation above is regarding DOT on their SAP Grantor project.

They talk about how they “Implemented 30 grant programs in 3 program areas for less than $350K (new spend)”

That is pretty impressive.

There is a great graph on the value and opportunity they see from using SAP Grantor:

State of NC Grantor Value.png

Regards, Paul

State of NC Grantor Value.png
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  • Thanks for posting that. We are implementing a similar Grants Management program in  Australia, and it is interesting to see the parallels.

    But I'm sure we won't be able to achieve a spend of just 350K! Maybe they did the development offshore?