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Before Initial Load …

After having played with my Development Environment I started to do the initial load for my AS ABAP systems.

Thanks to several people of the forum, I think to Murali Shanmugham, Ian Daniel and Ivan Petrov I, learned a lot and improved my knowledge of the tool (but I’m still far of their level).

So now I do the first steps 10 times faster than during my tests on Development and more important I understand them.

The goal of this post is to remind that before doing the Initial Load for As Abap system, you should run this program first : PRGN_COMPRESS_TIMES

If you don’t do so, you can have error messages because roles are more than once assigned to the same user, or because the role has been expired,…

Eg of error message :

modEntry failed modifying entry ‘xxxx’. IDStore returned error message: ” The specified “Valid to” date is in the past:Attribute: MXREF_MX_PRIVILEGE” when storing attribute ‘MXREF_MX_PRIVILEGE={ValidFrom=2009-06-03!!ValidTo=2010-10-07}<PRIV:ROLE:MD1600:UM_WBD_DEV>’

The other advantage when you clean the data in your SAP System, is you will get less data to upload, less error messages so your Initial Upload will be faster !

How to process :

Go to your sap system

–> transaction SA38 / SE38 –> PRGN_COMPRESS_TIMES


Put all the user ID’s and start next role

Check the box “Remove Validity Periods That Have Already Expired”

If you want to see the results first let the check box “Simulation Run”


You will see all data that will be removed when you will uncheck the bod “Simulation Run”.

Before proceeding be sure that your Company Policy allows you to delete expired roles.

Your Sap System will be cleaner as your IDM !

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  • I do the first steps 10 times faster than during my tests on Development

    How fast was it before?  How fast is it now? Seconds? Minutes?

    • First time I configured IDM, it was new for me and my colleague from BC, so we had to read and try a lot before finding the right way.

      So first time around 7 days (sometimes I was with my colleague from BC)

      The second time : less than 4 hours (Upload Time exclud) alone


    How to process :

    _ Transaction = SE38 (or SA38)
    _ Subobjects = Source Code
    _ Execute (F8)

    Select Criteria:

    User = *


    _ Simulation Run (always use this option before to see what can be done)
    _ Execute (F8)

    If the message "Compression is not possible for selection" appears, it has nothing to be corrected and everything is fine.

    _ Go back and select the "Delete Expired Assignments" option and deselect the "Simulation Run" option
    _ Execute (F8)

    The program will be executed and will show the result of the adjustments at the end.
    You can close the program at this time and, if you wish, go to the CUA or tcode SU01 to check the adjustments made by the program PRGN_COMPRESS_TIMES

    Best Regards.

    Carlos Janssen