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Where my docs at?

We read a lot, word documents, power points, pdfs and so on. At the office desk, we stare at a large computer screen connected to the company network. Then we leave and keep reading, the same documents. More and more this happens  on a tablet and less on a laptop. Just look around while you travel, in meeting rooms or at home. With an app on a tablet, it’s easier and faster, like opening a book.

We want to read the slides from the meetings the missed, we need to prepare and then actually would like to present from the mobile device. And usually there are several documents we have to go through over the next days. So how can we get these files to the tablet? Easy and quick is expected. Sending by e-mail or converting to PDFs and all kinds of import routines is not accepted. On the mobile device, we want to access documents similar as in a file system, of course with a nice user interface.

Now put yourself in the shoes of corporate IT. And you realize, you might be out of control at that point. If this was the company PC, IT could provide the document access and management to a large degree. With tablets, this is harder to enforce. Simply because there are several apps available, for free, that allow users to exactly do this, easy and fast. They can ‘drop’ files and pick them up on their mobile device, read them, present them, share them. The users do not care a lot how exactly the files are transferred to their mobile devices and where they are stored in the meantime. Here is IT’s problem. How can you stop employees dropping all kinds of corporate documents in unknown places?

So IT simply needs to provide this function, the users need it and want it, or they get it somewhere else. In this way, it is managed how company documents are synchronized and distributed to mobile devices on a large scale. And yes, SAP has a solution for this called ‘SAP Mobile Documents’. It has desktop clients for Win and Mac, mobile clients for Apple and HTML5 with presentation and sharing functions. Run it on premise or in the cloud and pay as you go.

Learn more at Mobile Content Management | Enterprise Mobility Management | SAP Mobile Documents | SAP

or explore our mobile solutions at the International Utilities Conference from April 17th to 19th in Copenhagen,  meet Sharon, Rory or myself at the SAP mobile booth.



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