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Inter dependent Info objects Activation

Inter dependent Info objects Activation

This document explains activation of interdependent Info objects together in one step.

Consider a scenario to activate three objects which are compounding objects of each other, the system would not allow activating them one by one and in that case you have to activate them in one step.

By doing so the system handles the sequence of object activation during the runtime and also manages the dependent table changes at the backend.

In this example we have three Info objects:

1. ZABC_CONT – Container

2. ZABC_PLT – Container Plant

3. ZABC_CIND – Container Indicator

We have two requirements here:

1. To make ‘Container Plant’ as the compounding object while ‘Container indicator’ as a Navigational attribute of Container Info Object.

2. To make Plant and container as the compounding object of Indicator Info object.

Container Info object

1. Container info object.png

‘Container Indicator’ is a Navigational attribute of Container info object

2. Container indicator IO.png

Container Indicator Info Object

This screenshot shows error while activating the info object.

3. Container indicator acti.png


Detailed Error information

4. Detailed error.png

5. Detailed error 2.png

Now in this scenario ZABC_CONT is having ZABC_PLT as compounding object, while we want to update ZABC_CONT and ZABC_PLT as compounding object of ZABC_CIND.

The system will not allow the activation of object ZABC_CIND since ZABC_PLT is a compounding object of ZABC_CONT.

Since there is an interdependency of these objects, we have to activate them together at one time.

To activate these info objects simultaneously, Go to T-code – RSD1.

6. Edit info object start.png

Select the info object which you want to activate, here in this case ZABC_CIND and select the radio button of ‘Free selection of Info objects’ and click on Maintain.

7. Edit info object start 2.png

Here select all the dependent objects and the object which you want to activate,

In this case the object to be activated is ZABC_CIND and the dependent objects are ZABC_CONT and ZABC_PLT.

8. Edit info object start 3.png

11. Edit Characteristics.png

Select all the three objects and click on Activate button

9. 1 Edit Characteristics.png


12. Edit Characteristics.png

This activates the info object ZABC_CIND.

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