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Got Beer? Meet ASUG Annual Conference Speaker Alex Papagiannidis


For ASUG Annual Conference, attendees come to hear customer stories.  I would like to introduce ASUG Annual Conference speaker Alex Papagiannidis who works for Molson Coors.  I met Alex in person at last November’s BI4 Elite training in Vancouver.

Alex is presenting Molson Coors Shares SAP BusinessObjects Strategies, Planning, and Implementation Experience with BI4 next month at ASUG Annual Conference, May 14th.  Please meet Alex below:

Q:How did you get started in BI?

A: Quite by accident really. I started my career as a Market Analyst for Canada’s Atlantic region.   At the same time, IT was implementing BW and our department was tasked with validating data between legacy systems and SAP BW.  That’s when I was introduced to the 3.5 version of Query Designer. It was love at first sight!


Once I had eaten all my vegetables (validating data) I played around with the tool and asked all sorts of questions: How do you do this? Can you do that?

Wow!! I quickly saw the potential of the SAP BI tools working for me; I now had found time to do FUN stuff!

I used the time I saved to do what I liked: provide valuable insights and opportunities.

In all of my work, I always paid extra attention to how I would display the information.

I love information that is visually appealing and allows you to make a decision quickly. To this day I always remind myself of the simple phrase: Less is More!

That was over 10 years, a few SAP versions and product names ago! 

It’s a far cry from my childhood dream of becoming a famous French Chef! Oui.. Oui.. 

Q:How would you best describe what you do at MolsonCoors?

A: Since January, I have embarked on a new role within our organization called BI Business Partner.   Having come from the business and worked within the BI team for the past 7 years, it was the next logical step.  I will be the face of BI for our Corporate Center and International Division.  Selecting the right BI tool for the right audience, promoting Global Standard Reporting across our organization and building relationships with different stakeholders are some of my key tasks.

Q: What lead to you to present at ASUG annual conference?

A: I had prepared a couple of presentations last year for ASUG.   One was for our local chapter in Quebec, Canada and the other one was for a Webinar sharing our experience with SAP’s BI tools.  Last November, I attended the first BI4 Elite training in Vancouver and I had the honor of sharing my experience with some of my peers and SAP employees ( Ingo Hilgefort was in the audience!).

Tammy approached me after the training and suggested I submit an extract for ASUG’s annual conference.  It will be my first experience at ASUG’s annual conference and SAPPHIRE.

Q: How do you find your experience so far?

A: In one word: awesome. I’m very impressed by the quality of guidance and tools ASUG speakers are offered.

I’ve been following all the Speaker Development Webcasts and it’s helping me a great deal as I prepare for my presentation.

They are highly interactive, well-built and provide valuable information that I’ll keep and practice even after May 14th 2013.

I encourage people to be part of this experience as it is well worth the time and effort.

Q: What’s your latest passion project? ConorHarrington.png

A: I love finding street art, taking pictures and learning about it. I have been traveling extensively between our North American and UK offices and would always take pictures of things I liked and thought were cool while wandering through the different cities I visited. I didn’t realize the influence and impact of street art until an acquaintance informed me that there was a huge street art movement across the globe. It’s very impressive what some artist achieve.  See picture to the right that shows Street Art by Conor Harrington (photo by Alex)

Q: Which Disney Character best describes you and why?

A: I would have to say Chip and Dale because they are a perfect mix of hilarity, smarts and wit. I hope to go say hi to them after the conference!


Thank you, Alex, for supporting ASUG by delivering these presentations and sharing your story. 

I hope everyone will consider attending Alex’s session next month.

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