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64 Bit Java issues with NW IDM 7.2

I was recently setting up a test system and as a part of that install included Java 7. I installed 64 bit Java for IDM and 32 bit for my other applications. I know that there are some who feel that SAP Java is better, but I’ve always had better experience from the Sun / Oracle version. In due course I installed Java, Database Drivers and IDM.  As is my usual practice, I generated the dispatchers and proceeded to try them in Test Mode. It’s an easy way to check your dispatcher setup and can be used for troubleshooting jobs and workflows   Try it out sometime.  It’s lots of fun.

So typical of a new system install, nothing worked.  When troubleshooting dispatcher startup problems, one of the first things I do is check my Java settings. Here’s what I saw:


Image 001.png

The paths to java.exe and jvm.dll point to two different locations! How can this be?  So I went and found the new location of the jvm.dll.

Image 002.png

So I regenerated the dispatchers and tried again. Still no luck.  I then downgraded to Java 6 patch 41 and went through the same steps again to make sure that the jvd.dll pointed to the 64 bit server directory like so:

Image 003.png

Once again, I regenerated the dispatcher and everything ran just fine.

Hope this saves you some time and trouble later on.

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  • Thanks for sharing. Good to know that it would not work with Java 7. I found reference to use of Java 6.1 for the latest NW AS Java in the installation overview document.