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UI5 Light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Hello Friends,

I finally got some time to share my thoughts on the new and fantastic area called UI5. As most of us know by now, that this is based on HTML 5 standards.

Also, some of us have already got a sneak peek of the SAP’s take on it UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 Developer Center. I am extremely lucky to be part of an assignment where one gets the opportunity to participate in every step of the adoption process. Although the journey has just begun, but it is really an exciting one so far.

What were we using?

  • Our clients were using Netweaver based solutions. The ones that were based on SAP Portal and WebDynpro based technologies. They had Gone Live about a year ago and things were settling down. Little that we realized that the fun had just begun!!!
  • The usual practice of familiarizing the people associated with the organization with the new system and SAP’s best practices was all done successfully.
  • It is a successful project and things are all going on as expected.

So then, what happened?

  • One of the process areas that out clients used and was extremely critical for business was built on WD4ABAP and integrated with SAP Portal. Being in the Consulting practice for 8 years, I personally felt that the application was quite sophisticated and reliable in nature.
  • But, the users wanted more. One thing that can be improved and must be improved in almost all the client’s who I have worked with is Usability.

The Cycle started again….

  • We considered 3 options….
    • Custom Development
    • Some Enhancements if possible
    • May be a new technology – UI5 etc.
  • Custom Development was a reasonable option but it would take months of effort and cost to achieve what the customers wanted and also there are lot of risk factors like impact of upgrades etc.
  • Some enhancements- The volume was too much to be called enhancements besides, this was not a way forward. It was more of a stop gap arrangement.
  • Then came the Upper Cut!!! SAP presented us a new solution one morning. It just looked so different. We had a series of sessions with UI5 experts from all over the SAP World and it was really enriching experience. One of the may factors is that it is built for the future. It comes with BPs like we all had been familiar with in SAP. Deploy these, get the foundation layer ready (Servers etc….) and that is it!!!

        You are ready for business on UI5. I like the fact of uniform look and feel across various browsers, platforms (PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile).


The decision is still pending from our clients but it is a really exciting journey.

The key challenges we are facing from developer perspective even before we start are…….

  • How can we design and develop applications for UI5.
  • Do we get any WYSIWYG editors for UI5 development from SAP?
  • From infrastructure point of view, does the organizations need to invest on UI5 compatible browsers, devices etc?
  • Ease with which one can tailor make, enhance or customize the UI5 based applications.
  • Portability of the existing apps to UI5.

Although there are plenty of questions in our mind about this new technology, I am sure there is light at the end of the tunnel!!!

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