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Avoid mapping blank space when importing bank statements via BSP

When Bank Statement Processing(BSP) is activated, you can import bank statements into SAP Business One on BSP module. One scenario is that if in the statement file, a piece of text that is to be mapped in a particular field is split up between two lines, then the carridge return(\r\n) within will also be imported into SAP Business One.


Localization: DE

File format in use: SAPBPDEIB_MT940

Bank statement file sample:


Notice bank account ‘0123456789’ is split up between two lines


1.   1.Activate option Install Bank Statement Processing under Administration>System Initialization>Company Details>Basic Initialization.



2. Go to Administration>Setup>Banking>House Bank Accouts, make sure the checkbox in column Import Bank Statement is ticked and file format SAPBPDEIB_MT940 has been assigned to the bank code and account number obtained from the statement file.


       3. Go to Banking > Bank Statements and External Reconciliations > Bank Statement Processing, choose the corresponding house bank and bank account to import the sample statement file.


       4. Double click the imported record to open window Bank Statement Details. There is a blank space in the imported BP Bank Account.




1.   1.Download format SAPBPDEIB_MT940 and open it in EFM manager.

Regarding the details you could refer to another blog: How to Change or Customize Electronic File Formats in SAP Business One(

2.Go to Field31(corresponding to ‘BP Bank Account’). Under tab Mapping enter the following in box Mapping Method:



– Please notice that when typing you have to press ENTER to ensure carriage return is between single quotation mark.


3.Save the modified format and assign it to the house bank account under House Bank Accouts- Setup


4. Import the same bank statement file again, there is no blank space in the imported BP Bank Account any more.


For more details regarding BSP please refer to Bank Statement Processing Landing Pages at;

For more details regarding EFM please refer to Format Definition Landing Pages at

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