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WPC Pages and Navigation Properties

I wanted to share with you something new that started in NetWeaver EP 7.3 SP09, 7.31 SP07 – a  new WPC connection was created.

Unlike the previous connection, the new connection supports not only areas but also pages.

What does this mean? It means that you can directly connect a WPC page to a role.

With this new feature you can also use navigation properties such as:

•Default Entry for Folder

•Sort Priority

• Merge Priority

•Merge ID

•Can be merged

• Invisible in Navigation Areas

• Number of Levels in Top-Level Navigation

• Leaf Folder

These navigation properties allow you to easily integrate WPC pages with other pages.

For example, let’s take the Sort Priority property and see how to use it with a WPC page:

Page ID.jpg

You can see that the Page ID is now visible in the page properties screen. –  copy it.

  1. Create a role or open an existing role, and click New -> Connection.


Insert the page ID as the connection target, and click OK.

This result looks like this:


Now view the properties of the connection by selecting the connection and clicking Open.


Edit the Sort Priority property and save your changes.

edit properties.jpg

Now you can add more PRT or WD pages and edit their sort priority as well.


As you can see, the sorting is reflected at runtime.


This new connection object really helps to provide some of the features that were in WPC 1.0 and were missing in WPC 2.0,

and I think these new possibilities will really help users integrate WPC pages in more scenarios.

Hope you will use these new easy features.


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  • Hi Saar

    Excellent blog, 5 stars.  I am interested in getting started with WPC.  Could you share how to get started using WPC?  We are on EP and have used EP mostly as a  simple report menu for BW queries.  Want to create landning pages with custom images and iviews to BW and BI4 content


    Lee Lewis

    • Hi Lee,

      First of all thanks for the feedback.

      For adding custom images and iviews all you need to do is to place the iview under the folder pcd:portal_content/pcc_portal_application.

      Feel free to ask if you need anything else, just notice that the features on the blog are not available in your SP level.



      • Hi Saar,

        Thanks for reply.  What SP level do you recommend going to for 7.3.1?  It is quite a beating to update previous SPs taking into consideration abap, kernel, BW and BI4.

        Can you direct me to info on getting started with WPC?  My first goal is to create a start page with links and images and display iviews we have for dashboards. Perhaps there WPC is excessive for this simple requirement, but we would like to make the portal pages more like our intranet and find EP difficult for web designers to adopt.

        Sincere regards

        • Hi Lee,

          If you are thinking of upgrading SP's I would recommend atleast 7.3.1 SP5 because of the mobile stuff added but I would recommend in for WPC to take 7.3.1 SP7 for these navigation properties.

          This page might be a good place to start:



  • Hi Saar,

    This is an excellent feature for WPC.

    I am extensively using WPC. Many a times I get request from client to do the following things listed below.

    1) Adding a by default rich text editor which can add video files, hyperlinks, # color code for background and fonts. There are some options in advance paragraph in Article but doesn't suffice the requirements. (TINYMCE editor is available but integrating with portal is tricky and has security domain issues).

    2) Changing the background color of the Layouts.

    If the above features can be added, it can make WPC a really wonderful tool to work with.


    Chinmay Joshi

  • Good news...!!!  We are still in 7.30 SP08 and we don't have such feature --> we can only create connection point with area ID and cannot (I guess) access to properties (sorting,...).

    By the way do you use the "Manual: Grant permission by assigning specific users, groups, and roles to the area" option under "End user permissions" of an Area ID ?

    We want to use this to hide/display (depending on group) pages to users.  But there is a warning about cache capabilities and performance with this option... 🙁

  • Hi Saar,

    Good to know about SP09 (7.3).

    But, I have a question here. We are now on SP07.

    I remember, when in previous support packs, we could able to open/edit properties of the connections directly under Content administrator.

    After we made the connection for some initial Areas created in our system to the portal pcd roles, we could open and edit the properties.

    Now, we are not able to do it any more.

    I am waiting for this feature and I am afraid we will not be able to patch SP09 before Mar 2014 or so.

    Is there a chance SAP will provide any patch for this with SP08 ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Biroj 🙂

    • Hi Biroj,

      The reason that the edit connection from the role administrator option was closed is because it wasn't meant to be open, it was a bug.

      I don't think it will be possible to provide a patch for SP08 for this issue since it is a highly

      risky and complexed change that was made with many tests on SP09.

      We understood the need for this and that's why it was published on SP09.



  • /
  • Saar Dagan wrote.

    >> Insert the page ID as the connection target, and click OK.

    Vincent Noiset wrote:

    > Seems not working if Regional Settings (Enable Regionalization)

    > have been activated...!!!

    We use SAP Netweaver Portal 7.31 SP10 and regionalization feature, too. For example we have to language pages:

    Is there a workaround to use a direct connection inside a role to the language independend page ?

    If I try to connect to

    the following error message apears: "The Connection target is invalid. Please try again."

    Any ideas ?



        • I tried but it is not working in 7.30 SP12 too.

          But I notice that I don't have the same icon for the connection point that refer to a page.  Not the same as the picture you have in your blog:


          I also tried to reduce the path to page ID, before regional part.  Same result.

          Best regards.


          • This colorless icons shows a broken or invalid connection. So a connection to the none-regional-page with attached regional pages are unfortunately not supported by current WPC, I think. Maybe in a next SP ... hopefully 🙁

            Thanky you for testing. So I have to look to a different workaround ...