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Read-only local repository in Data Services 3.2

                    We can make the repository read-only in SAP data Services 4.0.An access control list specifies the users that are granted or denied rights to a repository.Here are the steps to make the local repository read-only in Data Services 3.2 with SQL Server.Once it is made read only the user can only view the objects but cannot complete the execution successfully.

1.Create a login called “Readonly”

2.Associate “Readonly” with a existing local repository “LocalRepo” (Make sure that LocalRepo already associated with the login “FullPerm” which has the full permission)

3.Grant “Select” and “Update” permission for “Readonly” login to “LocalRepo”.”Update” permission is required as when you login the designer , the table “AL_USERS” gets updated.

4.Open the designer and login using “FullPerm” and execute one of the error free job.It should complete the execution without any error

5.Open the designer and login using “Readonly” and execute the same job.You will see the series of “Permission denied” errors.


With the “Readonly” login,when a object is modified, a new row will be inserted into the repository for that object with the latest version. Since we have just granted Select & Update only, unable to insert the new row into table AL_LANG.

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