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Processing workflow messages in SAP

This article describes the use of function module ‘SAP_WAPI_SET_WORKITEM_COMPLETD’ in processing the workflow messages. This function module will process the workflow item and set the status as completed.

Calling the function module SAP_WAPI_SET_WORKITEM_COMPLETD



         workitem_id    = v_workflow_id

         actual_agent   = v_agent

         language         = v_language



         new_status    =  x_status

         return_code    = v_returncode


          message_struct = t_messages.

Parameters used


  • v_workflow_id – workflow item id
  • v_agent – User’s logon name (sy-uname)
  • v_language – System language (sy-langu)
  • x_status – This structure will have the work
    item status.
  • v_returncode – Return code (sy-subrc, it will be 0, 1 or 999)

          0 – Call successful

          1 – Operation is not executable

          999 – An unknown error has occurred

  • t_messages – Returned messages. This internal table will have the following fields.

          MSGID – Message Class

          MSGTY – Message Type

          MSGNO – Message Number

          MSGV1 – Message variable

          MSGV2 – Message variable

          MSGV3 – Message variable

          MSGV4 – Message variable

Workflow id values are present in standard table SWWWIHEAD.

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