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Mobile Strategies and Business Transformation

Best selling author and innovation expert Daniel Burrus recently described what an evolved mobile strategy looks like in the article titled Does Your Organization Have a Mobile Strategy to Accelerate Growth?  “When you think about mobility, don’t just think about devices and apps and how you might use those. Step back and create a bigger strategy, because mobile is far bigger than that. Instead, ask yourself,”

  • How can we accelerate growth
  • Gain new competitive advantages
  • Transform all of our business processes
  • Transform how we communicate
  • Transform how we collaborate
  • Transform how we innovate
  • Transform how we train
  • Transform how we educate
  • Transform how we sell
  • Transform how we market
  • Transform how we share knowledge?

I know we often discuss topics like HTML5 vs. native apps and the different kinds of mobile application development tools and platforms here, and these subjects are important, but the impact of digital and business transformations caused by social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies are having a far greater impact on industries than many people have yet to grasp.

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  • It is nice to see you here as well. I am fully agreed with you, e.g. we are still discussing about the platforms and NFC in terms of mobile payment. I ask myself anytime, what will happen with the amount of cash within the finance system in 3 - 5 years when the consolidation of platforms will closed and NFC will be a standard in any smart or non-smart phone. Those amount of cash is well known as M3, i.e. a total of currency (physically) issued by a central bank such as ECB or US Tresory. This M3 will definitely be replaced by e-money, when mobile payment is business as usual without boundary.

    Are those financial institutes already for that transformation?

    Who will get control on the daily money transfer by consumers worldwide: Apple, Google, Microsoft or any X Start-Up?