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Get the full picture on SAP’s UI Assets

One of the disadvantages of working from Israel is that I find myself doing a lot of customer calls from home. The time zone difference is such that its either early morning (Australia, India) or Late night (US West Coast). So – I get to try and explain SAP’s many UI options while mostly in my pajamas. This has given me the perspective that it would be really great if we had an event where we help customers understand what are the different options and whats right for them. So the team I belong too has started having these “Customer UI Summits” where we invite customers to join us for a few hours to do just that. We’ve held two very nice such events in Newtown Square and Palo-Alto but the problem always was – How do you get people to drop what they are doing and join us for half a day. Also – to be very honest – its a lot of work getting customers to know about such events. And then came the call for session for ASUG Annual Conference, co-located with SAPPHIRE and we said – Hey! Lots of customers coming – And we can meet with them and tell them all about our UI stuff! And i’m not going to be in my pajamas!

So on the 13th of May, a day before all the hooplah begins and you find yourself running around between three sessions which you’ve booked at the same time using the Agenda builder – we will be bringing you the best of SAP UI in a (very!) condensed Half Day. The agenda looks as following:


  • 08:30-08:35 Introductions and Overview
  • 08:35-09:00 The UI Challenge
  • 09:00-09:40 NWBC, Floor Plan Manager and Side Panel
  • 09:40-10:20 Renovating your portal – Mobile, Cloud
  • 10:20-10:35 Coffee Break
  • 10:35-11:05 Introducing SAP Screen Personas
  • 11:05-11:45 How can you get more from your interactive forms?
  • 11:45-12:00 Wrapping it up


Now – Except for the Coffee Break, I can honestly say that we are taking care to bring the best SAP product managers to talk about these topics. Furthermore – Beyond the people, this will be your chance to get a coherent and comprehensive view of all of the SAP UI assets in one place. The only major ones really missing are Gateway and Duet Enterprise purely because we do not have enough time. But if you are asking yourself whats the right choice for your SAP GUI UIs – Personas or NWBC, if you are asking yourself how do you take your existing portal investment and reuse it in the cloud or on a mobile device, if you are asking yourself where is SAP going with HTML5 and Web Dynpro ABAP – This is the right session for you. I promise no Pajamas will be involved.

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    • Hallo Tobias,

      ich kontaktiere dich, weil du ein SAP Mentor bist, und da ich zusammen mit meiner Kollegin Adriana Manetti, verantwortlich für SAP University Alliances in Latin America bin. Wir sollten demnächst ein Matching zwischen Studenten (unsere Kunden, zusammen mit profs), Kunden und auch Partners, auch Eventsorganisation in LA, usw. Vielleicht kannst du uns unterstützen, mit Kontakten, wir bräuchten ein SAP University Alliances page auf Englisch und Spanisch. Zur Zeit haben wir nur auf Englisch.

      Wäre es möglich, ein Call zu haben? danke!

      VG, maría D054282