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Don’t miss these “hidden gems” in the Agenda Builder for Orlando!

Attendees of the ASUG and SAPPHIRE Now Conferences can take different approaches to planning our week in Orlando. Maybe you are one of the folks who is so tightly scheduled that it is just another week of being double and even triple booked. Some folks start thinking about their schedule on the plane, and others may not even give it a thought until they get to registration or until someone hands them their booth/ demo area schedule.

Regardless of where you fall in the planning spectrum, I encourage everyone to check out the Agenda Builder for a frequently overlooked session type, the Community Lounge sessions. They are easily missed so I will walk you through mining the agenda builder for them.

But why should you bother? What’s in it for a non ASUG member? Maybe you thought that Community Lounge sessions are only for ASUG Members. Wrong! Community Lounge sessions are open to everyone. Community Lounge sessions are a great way to find out what is on the minds of ASUG Chapter and Special Interest Group members, hear about face-to-face and virtual activities being planned,  and see if they are right for you without making a long term commitment. If your organization’s decision maker is attending SAPPHIRE Now, you might suggest that he/she check out the lounges for what ASUG has to offer your organization, or what your organization might be able to offer to ASUG.

When you log on to,

10 apr #1.png

Click Agenda Builder in the top navigation bar, then Sessions. From this point, there are two ways to get to the list of Community Lounge sessions. The easiest way is to enter Community Lounge as a Keyword in the Search field.

10 apr #2.png

They can also be found as a Program Type under ASUG Annual Conference.

10 apr #3.png

When you see a title that catches your eye (and I must say, some of them are pretty clever), click on the double carat next to the session code (CLnn) to expand for more details.

10 apr #4.png

On the technology side, you will find that BI, BusinessObjects, Security, BEx, and BITI (Business Integration, Technology, and Infrastructure) Communities are all offering opportunities to meet and network with members as well as volunteers, some of whom are also SAP Mentors. Chances are good that you will find SAP Mentors including Tammy Powlas, Greg Capps, Jim Spath, and I as well as others in the Lounge area at some time during the week. A number of Industry groups are gathering, as are the Professional Services Providers SIG, and several geographic gatherings. I may have to drop by the All Canada networking session (CL21) just to say “hi” to our colleagues north of the border, whom I seldom get to meet. I hope that everyone- customers, consultants, analysts, and SAP personnel- checks out some Community Lounge sessions this year.

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