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Cloud Diplomacy: “Does my company look big in this Cloud?”

SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando 2013 will be my 4th year as Social Ambassador. Time for some introspection and re-evaluation. E.g. How would a diplomatic Cloud behave? And how would you be able to tell a diplomatic from a non-diplomatic Cloud? I asked Fred McCloud, our in-house, above-house, on-premise, off-premise, hybrid, private, public, local & global expert (one needs to get the titles right in the diplomatic world):

            Fred being interviewed.jpg

Schalk: How can you tell if a Cloud is diplomatic?

Fred: It rains equally on all

Schalk: Are Clouds for big or small companies?

Fred: I would never call a company ‘big’ or ‘small’ except if they see themselves as such. E.g. “does my company look Big in this Cloud?” a minefield question. Rather avoid and treat all equally, e.g. standard response “your company looks fabulous in the Cloud”.

Schalk: Private or Public?

Fred: Never ask for details, except if the information is offered. And make sure that no paparazzi is close by.

Schalk: PaaS or SaaS?

Fred: What is in a name? Encourage adoption but don’t get too involved with the naming.

Schalk: Define Cloud Computing?

Fred: Renting applications or taking your applications and running them on infrastructure other than your own. Always make sure that you take precautions and play safe.

Schalk: Where will the in-Clouds hang out this Spring?

Fred: In Orlando of course, at SAPPHIRE NOW.

Schalk: What is the dress code?

Fred: Be cool, but never wet. Stay awesome.

Schalk: Will you be there?

Fred: Of course! I hang only with the best (and most innovative) companies


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      Author's profile photo Debra Curtis-Magley
      Debra Curtis-Magley

      Great post Schalk! An amusing approach to promote the inclusiveness of clouds. Sounds like a diplomatic cloud loves all and dislikes no one.

      Author's profile photo Schalk Viljoen
      Schalk Viljoen
      Blog Post Author

      A diplomatic Cloud will definately have strong opinions, but thinks twice before they are voiced 😉