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Can IS-Auto be turned on after launch?

We are an automotive supplier and did not activate IS-Auto, but now we find functionality within IS-Auto that is beneficial.  Can we activate IS-Auto?

The short answer is “yes”.   IS-Auto does not change or modify any standard functionality, but adds functionality.  If code has not been modified, IS-Auto can be activated.  Since ERP 2005, IS-Auto has been delivered with standard SAP ERP software and needs to be turned on using the Switch Framework (Customizing Transaction).  It would be advisable to test after activation to be certain.

IS-Auto should be a standard configuration for all SAP systems applied to the Automotive Supplier Industry.  Documentation:

For ECC, IS-Auto is activated in the IMG, menu option “Activate Business functions”.  Menu documentation is provided.  IS-Auto is included within “Discrete Industries / Mill Products”, acronym (DIMP).

Is there a license fee for DIMP?   Automotive solution is included with ERP Licenses except for some “engine” licenses.  The most typical used by a supplier is the JIT /JIS Processing “engine”. 

When might JIT/JIS “engine” be required?

  *  If your company receives just-in-sequence calls

  *  If your company receives non-Cumulative shipment authorizations (example: Nissan-RAN)

  *  If your company sends non-Cumulative shipment authorizations (Summarized JIT call) to suppliers

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    • The SAP sales representative responsible for the customer, can provide license pricing for the "JIT engine" usage.

      JIT Engine is part of the "Lean Manufacturing" sales line item.

      • Thanks for the info.

        I expect some companies will just want to use a customized version of LZM sched Ag + TAM Orders or just standard orders for RAN orders, instead of Inbound JIT Calls.

        Especially if there is a charge for Inbound JIT Calls, and they are only considering Inbound JIT Calls for handling JIT Releases and Shipping, without any direct ties into the Manufacturing process.