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“Experience Real-Time Service Delivery with mobile Field Service Engineer App”

These days, Field Service Engineers seem to be the busiest faction on the planet with jam-packed schedules that require them to visit zillions of locations in a single day. This bunch essentially, is the face of any service provider and plays a key role in an organization’s success. They are naturally expected to be knowledgeable on their subject, responsive to customers queries and should have solutions ready on their fingertips, solving issues quicker than what they had done yesterday. With “On the Field” employees having such high stakes in the game, organizations require a unique solution to empower these people with the right tools and timely access to information that they require, right where and when they need it the most – As they are busy doing their jobs…

KloudData’s innovative team has developed the “mobile Field Service Engineer App” an elegant and extremely useful iPad/Android solution that addresses this very requirement. KloudData’s mFSE App is tailor made for organizations that understand and acknowledge the importance of their Field Service Staff and want to have the best-in-class resources available to them. mFSE is a feature-packed app that covers all the nitty-gritty’s and Enables Engineers to provide excellent customer services at every visit and maximize customer satisfaction. Its key application features are described below.

Before Visiting a Site:

  • Go through the day’s schedule as assigned by the immediate supervisor.
  • In addition to time, items for a day can also be sorted on severity, priority and locations of sites relative to engineers current locations.
  • Be prepared for the visits by reading detailed problem descriptions provided by customers that are available right there on engineers mobile devices..
  • Check map-aided directions to sites locations via Google Maps.

At a Site:

  • With a single tap, check the entire history of machines/equipment and its sub-components under repairs.
  • Get instant access to critical information, user manuals and machine documentation with expert guidance that may be required for fixing any problems.
  • Check the availabilities of additional spares that are required to be installed on any equipment.
  • Book those spares remotely by simply tapping a few buttons.
  • Add de-briefs about the activities done at sites.
  • Generate invoices and get it approved by the customers right there, at the sites.
  • Send the invoices as emails to all stakeholders.

mFSE is available on the SAP App Store Front and also on Android and Windows Market Places from where it can be downloaded onto mobile devices. Click on the links provided below to download this app:

Here we are leaving you with a Sneak Preview of some of the application’s screens. Do visit us here again for further updates on mFSE.


Shrutika Purohit

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