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Automation of Texts (terms & conditions) in Purchasing documents

Dear All,

First of all I would like to say thanks to all of you for all your expertise help and valuable inputs for anyone who need at any time.

I would like to share the details of a requirement which I think is kind of unique requirement in one of my enhancement project. The client has a requirement for texts (terms & conditions) automation in RFQ and PO.

While creating RFQ they wants buyers to have options to select the applicable terms & conditions, I am talking about lot of clauses separately for services, supplies, import etc. Some clauses are mondatory for some document types and some clauses will be optional  upto buyers if they want to adopt or not.

We have created a custom table in which we are maintaining text Ids (text id is a clause) for a document type along with we maintain wether its a default clause for that document type or not and if its a valid clause or not. Another important point is that we have also maintained the sequence for the clauses because the sequence for different document types may differs.  We have created the text content for each text ID/ clause in standard text in SO10. The enteries which are maintained in custom table for text IDs are populated on a custom screen which is called by a user exit where buyers can see what the defaul clauses apply to this RFQ and what are other clauses he/she can adopt. The system will pickup the SO10 content of selected text IDs and will save in RFQ in the relevant text Ids, text IDs are configured with same number and created with same number in SO10.

While taking message output via printout/PDF on the output the selected clauses will come in the maintained sequence in the custom table along with that we are generating a clause number for each text ID in seriel numbers. For example from the clause selection screen they have selected text ID A201, A205, A210 and A250 whose sequence in table is defined as below:

A201       sequence 0004

A205       sequence 0002

A210       sequence 0009

A250       sequence 0001

so in this case the content of text id A250 from SO10 will print first then id A205’s content and accordingly for other text Ids where four clause number will be generated Clause No. 1, Clause No. 2 depends on which sequence the clauses are printing.

Then the PO is created with reference to RFQ and the texts flow from RFQ to PO in the relevant text Ids for example A201 text value will come to F201 in PO text Ids and while taking the print out of PO same sequence and seriel number logic will work. The release strategy triggers for release of PO and the approver of PO will have option to see if someone has made changes in clauses in PO which came from RFQ before putting the PO for release. A button is added in customer data tab which compares the text Ids content thru “READTEXT” function module in RFQ and PO, system finds changes in any text id content then it is showing by clicking on the button.

Same text id provision is developed for PO’s also, at the time of saving PO thru a BADI system is checking wether the PO is created without reference to RFQ then the sub-screen is called up to select text Ids which are maintained for that document type in PO text Id custom table. Here system picks up the values from SO10 for the selected text Ids for example F401, F450, F01 etc. Same printing sequence is maintained in table along with default clauses.

Thanks and Regards,

Anoop Singh

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