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In this document , let us see how to valuate time wage types based on Pay scale type, area and group but not level as follows:

1.  Creation of wage type 2223 as usual as seen in Valuation of time wage types using pay scale dependent constant Valuation of time wage types using pay scale dependent constant


2. Maintaining the fixed value or amount with which the time wage type (2223 here) would be valuated in the pay scale table (V_T510):

Now to to SPRO—IMG–Payroll—Payroll-International—Time wage type Valuation—Constant Valuation bases–Click on Define Payscale dependent Constant.


go to SPRO—IMG—Personnel Management—Personnel Administration—Payroll data—Basic Pay—click on Revised Payscale Groups and Levels and maintain the value based on the Payscale structure of the employee given in IT 0008 (Basic Pay Info type) (Say 01,01,E03 are the Payscale Type, Area , and Group here ) as seen in the screen shot.

ScreenHunter_156 Apr. 08 07.37.jpg

3.  Assigning the Valuation bases (V_512W_B) as follows:

SPRO—IMG—Payroll—Payroll-International—Time wage type Valuation—Valuation bases—Constant Valuation bases–Click on Assign valuation bases and give the value as TG for current wage type valuation basis and 100% in Rate field as under

ScreenHunter_157 Apr. 08 07.41.jpg

Now maintain wage type 2223 with 10 hrs in Info type 2010 via PA30 as follows:

ScreenHunter_158 Apr. 08 07.47.jpg

Now run payroll for the employee in the relevant period and see the result as follows:

ScreenHunter_160 Apr. 08 07.53.jpg

ScreenHunter_159 Apr. 08 07.52.jpg

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