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SAP HANA Replication Technologies

We are discussing on SAP HANA Replication technologies .

In memory reporting and analyzing of data requires the replication of data from a source system to the SAP HANA Database .This section provides an overview of the possible replication method that are involved

There are different replication method like trigger based replication, ETL Based Replication and Extractor -Based Data Acquisition.

Trigger-Based Replication

Trigger-Based Data Replication Using SAP Landscape Transformation (LT) Replication Server is based on capturing database changes at a high level of abstraction in the source ERP system. This method of replication benefits from being database-independent, and can also parallelize database changes on multiple tables or by segmenting large table changes.

ETL-Based Replication

Extraction-Transformation-Load (ETL) Based Data Replication uses SAP Data Services to specify and load the relevant business data in defined periods of time from an ERP system into the SAP HANA database. You can reuse the ERP application logic by reading extractors or utilizing SAP function modules. In addition, the ETL-based method offers options for the integration of third-party data providers.

Extractor-Based Data Acquisition

The SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) is a means for providing out-of-the-box foundational data models to SAP HANA, which are based on SAP Business Suite entities. DXC is also a data acquisition method. The rationale for DXC is essentially simple, low TCO data acquisition for SAP HANA leveraging existing delivered data models.

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  • Hello Abhishek,

    Nice blog for starting, it might be a good idea to expand this blog with 2 more things.

    1) Little bit more technical details for each 3 options.

    2) In which scneario, which one to use.