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SAP BI Issues and fixes Part 1

SAP BI Issues and fixes Part 1

Here is a compilation of common SAP BI issues and its fixes.

1.       Short dump when opening infopackage

      Run RSSM_OLTP_INIT_DELTA_UPDATE program in SE38 giving the following details
LOGSYS – your source sytem name
DATASOUR – give the data source name of the infopackage
Always – x


2.       Datasource turning into active

      You should check the table RSTSODS and find the entry where the field ODSNAME_TECH = /BIC/BXXXXXXX. Make sure that the source system specified in the USEROBJ field is correct.
If not, you will have to run BDLS to correct the entry.

3.       Hierarchy Infopackage failing

Click on ‘Available Hierarchies from OLTP’ in Hierarchy Selection Tab and select the hierarchy.


4.       Previous request has status ‘red’ but request not visible in manage tab.

Delete the request from RSRQ

5.       Process chain not able to execute with standard Function module or in RSPC

·                               Check if Process chain is active. Go to change mode and do a check. Find out the red processes. Check the error messages and apply fix accordingly.

6.       Local chain is yellow state in Meta chain

Check if the local chain is locked in SM12 transaction.

7.       Request not getting deleted from ODS.

Use report “RSAR_PSA_CLEANUP_DIRECTORY” to fix it.

8.       BW objects are inactive

The following programs can be used to activate inactive BI objects

RSDG_CUBE_ACTIVATE     Activation of InfoCubes

RSDG_ODSO_ACTIVATE     Activation of all ODS Objects

RSDG_IOBJ_ACTIVATE     Activation of all InfoObjects

RSDG_MPRO_ACTIVATE     Activating Multiproviders

RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL     Activate Transfer Structure

RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE Activate Transformations


9.       Unable to transport events.

R3TR TABU <table name> where table name is BTCSEV for a system event ID, BTCUEV for a user event ID. The tables BTCUEV and BTCUED are for user-events. Transport these tables’ entries.

10.     Attributes of characteristic are locked by terminated change run.

Login to t.code RSATTR and check on the option “Monitor and Start Terminated Change Runs”. All failed attribute chains will be listed. Fix by schedule it again.

Change run.png

More in the next part.

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