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Process Chain Failure and Resolution

When the process chains run, sometime they fail due to different reasons. Following are few examples of process chain failure and the resolution:

1.      PC: Z_XXXX had failed at IP loading steps with error msg “Job terminated in source system”. We checked the Source system connection. When we found it ok, we processed the data from R3 (RA7) through t.code bd87. Then we ran program RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL. We replicated the data sources and finally repeated the failed steps.  It was fixed and it finished successfully.

Error Message:



                Reason: IDOC issue. Data is not coming from Source, R3(RA7 client 100) to BW (BA9)


            1st step:-> Check Source system connection through t.code: sm59



               No red should come.

•        2nd step:-> t.code :bd87 in R3




Expand the selection portion and then right click and click on ’ process’

•        3rd step :-> Run program RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL ,click on execute, give info source and source system from the  below screen into the new one and execute


•        4th step :->Go to rsa1, find the Data Source and click on replicate metadata


•                      5th step:-> Repeat the step where it has failed in the process chain.

       If we get error msg as: Data Source 0WBS_ELEMT_ATTR has to be replicated. Error in source system, we need to do the above steps (3rd, 4th n 5th).

2.     PC: Z_XXXX failed  in the DTP step ZFMP_C4_TEXT / RP1CLNT900 -> ZFMP_GAGA  showing the  error as “ZFMP_GAGA : Duplicate data records”



•        Correction: We went to the target ZFMP_GAGA, deleted the request id and changed the DTP by handling the duplicate record keys and then repaired the process.




•        Activate

•        Go to the DTP and “Repair” it.

•        Go to the new dtp that has been started-> click on variant. We will find ‘handle duplicate record keys ‘checked ‘. We need to uncheck it and then activate it again.


3. In the PC: Z_XXXX, the IP: ZPAK_7IVGS4VQX74NXT4PQFX67VOWL failed twice because the object requested was locked.



•        Went to sm12 ,saw the lock and then repeated the step but had the same error





4.      The PC: Z_XXXX had failed. It failed in ODS activation step. We tried to activate it manually but it failed again and again.



Reason: The target DSO Z_ODPSG2 was inactive


•        Correction: The ODS was migrated and the Step DTP_DAELS2O23YC3DK9AA1GK18VAM was killed as it was stuck and then the step was repeated and finally it was passed.                            


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  • Hi Rashmi,

            Nice blog for beginners on production support.  Would just like to add that generally its first replicate the datasource and then activate using RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL in 3.X. If we speak of 7.X then the program is of no use as you've to activate the 7.X datasource using program RSDS_DATASOURCE_ACTIVATE_ALL 

          Activating first and replicating next makes very little sense, as you are activating the older version of the datasource replica and then overwriting with the new version through replication. I'm speaking of the 1st error, step number 3 & 4 should be interchanged.


      Manohar. D