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Installation considerations for SAP Sourcing database on NetWeaver

In the past weeks our team has often received requests about best practices with regards to database installations for SAP Sourcing/CLM. The main questions which have been posted via customer support as well as SCN is: “Is SAP Sourcing/CLM required to be on the same or a separate database from the Application Server NW Java?”. The short answer would to this question would be: “It is technically feasible to install on the same database instance, but it is strongly recommended to install on a separate database”

When purchasing a license to deploy SAP Sourcing/CLM on-Premise, the recommendation from a technical perspective is to use one database for the application server (NetWeaver Java) and one database for the application itself. There are several reasons why this is a good idea:

  • Potential performance improvements
  • Less constraints in planning and execution of upgrade strategy
  • Easier version control since NetWeaver and SAP Sourcing do not have to use the same DBMS version
  • Higher flexibility in backup and restore strategy
  • Pick a DBMS such as SQL Server or MAX DB for Netweaver but ONLY DB2 and Oracle are supported for Sourcing / CLM.

For further references on the installations procedures, please read the installations guides on the Service Marketplace ( Our team has also contributed some more knowledge on best practices related to the database usage:

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      Author's profile photo Deepen Shah
      Deepen Shah

      SAP Netweaver is supported on RHEL 6 but Sourcing database is not. Can we still add sourcing Database in SAP NW database running on RHEL 6? Will it be supported by SAP?

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      Former Member

      You can run NW on any database which is supported on the NW PAM. Sourcing has to run on Oracle or DB2 but you can (and it is actually recommended) to run Sourcing and NW on separate databases.

      Author's profile photo Deepen Shah
      Deepen Shah

      In that case do we need separate license for Oracle Database or we can use SAP Oracle CD to install Oracle Database for SAP CLM?

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      Former Member

      These are your options.

      Option 1: Seperate databases

      • Run NW on your preferred DB (and you license NW along with a DB)
      • Run Sourcing on a different DB (Oracle or DB2) but you will have to purchase the license for that

      Option 2: One database

      • License NW together with either DB2 or Oracle
      • Deploy Sourcing on the very same database

      With Option 2 you only have to purchase one DB license and with Option 1, you will need to purchase an extra DB license.

      Hope this helps.

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      Former Member


      I am in the process of installing Sap Sourcing 9.0 with netweaver 7.3 . Going with  option 1..

      1st server - NW 7.3 with java and oracle - applications server

      2nd server - Run soucring on top of oracle - . DO we install nW7.3 here as well - db server

      Just want to make sure

      Author's profile photo Nélson Matos Cardoso
      Nélson Matos Cardoso

      Hi Armin,

      We've installed an SAP NetWeaver 7.3 AS Java running on top of a local MS SQL Server 2008 R2 instance.

      SAP Sourcing will connect to a remote Oracle 11.2 database server. The database and db connection have already been properly configured.

      Later we installed SAP Sourcing 9.0 SP09, and then ran the configuration utility.

      We're experiencing an error on the SAP Sourcing configuration utility.

      We ran the configure utility for the first time with the following default options:

      • Set Java Home Directory
      • Define Application Context
      • Enter Database connection information
      • Generate WAR, EAR and SCA Files

      We get the following error:

      "Failed to Update create EAR and SCA Files"

      The log file GenEarFile.log show the following message at the end:


      file:R:/usr/sap/sourcing90/deploy/NW-deploy.xml:209: Warning: Could not find file R:\usr\sap\sourcing90\fsapp\ to copy.»

      The Sourcing Optimizer is to be deployed on a different host altogether.

      Any idea on how to troubleshoot this?

      Thank you.