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Easy Log Configuration – How To Guide for Seeburger Adapters



over the last years, I have encountered several cases, where the Seeburger EDI/B2B-Adapters were correct installed on a customer environment, however the logs were not always configured.

If no configuration is made, the Seeburger-Adapters will per default write their information into the default-trace / application log of the PI-System.


However, since the adapters provide the possibility to create an own log per adapter (e.g. AS2, X400, OFTP, SFTP) I would always recommend to do the log configuration as part of the initial adapter installation/configuration. In case of any trouble you can then easily view all necessary information and set the trace level per adapter. Also the logs can be formatted in different ways for easy viewing.


Although the log configuration is explained in the Seeburger Adapter Documentation, I would like to share the following Document that was created by some Seeburger Consultants to have all steps available for this log config in a easy-readable way with several additional screenshots.



The following (temporary) Link allows for viewing and downloading the document (as pdf).


Log Configuration – How To.pdf:



Let me know if you encounter any difficulties. Looking forward to your feedback to further update this document.

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