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DSLayer: The Universe Dreams are Made of

On Friday, the usual suspects Jamie, Greg, and I released a new episode of DSLayer with foreign news correspondent Josh and our pal and resident guy-that-knows-a-ton-about-a-lot Ethan Jewett

The subject at hand: what would make a perfect semantic layer for any SAP landscape?  We’ve already spoken in great detail about our likes, dislikes, understandings, misunderstandings, and all around personal fanboy-ism of our own semantic layers.  We push all of that aside to talk about what would make a perfect semantic layer, universe, or whatever you want to call it.

While you listen, follow along in the show notes.

1:05 – Community news: SAPPHIRE is right around the corner.  Will you be there? 

1:29 – Tweetup?  What tweetup?  Not our proudest night.

2:13 – BI2013 Amsterdam will follow not far behind.

2:30 – The conversation begins – we regroup on the blog posts and tweets that brought us here today.

3:40 – What would we love to see in the ultimate semantic layer?

4:10 – Better federated queries, even beyond the enhancements coming in BI 4.1.  Federated query performance might all be Jamie’s fault.

5:25 – Fear the Derby.

6:30 – Sybase IQ for federation?  Yes, please.

9:15 – Ooooh…virtual data warehouse.  The system is smart enough when to suck in the data, materialize it, or not.

11:00 – Was the new universe in BI4 hit and fizzle?

12:35 – Can SAP HANA as a platform for federation become synonymous in the way we think of a CMS database and Auditor database?  Or how long with price be a limiter?

14:30 – A cloud based semantic layer thrown in the ring?  Tell me more.

16:00 – Data federation in BI4’s semantic layer needs to be able to be treated like a database, not a black box, since it needs maintenance.

17:25 – Confusion around the application of BEx vs. a BOBJ universe is abound.  Tool choice isn’t always good.

18:50 – A universe needs to be…you know…universal, in order to be able to traverse either relational or OLAP based data sources.

20:15 – Die Deski

20:30 – Old universes (.unv) have a conversion mechanism.  Why can’t we see a push to close the gaps  in functionality in the UNX and have a conversion mechanism for BEx to a universe?

22:25 – BW is ugly.  Heh.

26:00 – But, what was Business Objects bought by SAP for?

27:40 – I want to see the universe develop as a part of the same platform as SAP HANA.  Let anything consume it in the same way, any time, any where.

29:00 – If it’s going to be SAP HANA in the future, let’s take the best of SAP BW and SAP BusinessObjects and make it the platform of the future.

31:45 – Where does the Real Time Data Platform stop?

35:45 – The end of layers thanks to SAP HANA is a good thing or a bad thing?  Depends on the use case, Ethan says.

38:10 – Currency formatting would be nice again.

38:20 – Bringing BEx query functionality in the universe itself would be a great convergence.

39:40 – Zombie Deski?

41:15 – Commonality in the way that the BI tools access the data?  Novel idea.  See the universe like 8 years ago.  Common interfaces FTW.

44:40 – And officially, we are done with this topic…finally.

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