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Corbu Theme for WebDynpro ABAP

Below are the highlights of the new SAP Corbu theme for Web Dynpro ABAP.

Highlights of the new SAP Corbu theme for Web Dynpro ABAP:

  • A new modern, simple looking theme with improved overall look;
    • Neutral design with light panes and flat surfaces
    • Reduced contrasts & gradients create a light and clear user interface
    • Color: Reduced use of neutral and dimmed colors increases the compatibility with other SAP designss
    • Structure: Less structuring and separating elements to support a flat and lightweight appearance
    • Correct Prioritization: Visual focus is on the content, instead of on navigation and functions
    • Tables & Containers: Reduced colors and line contrast creates a less block-like appearance
  • Increased font sizes to improve readability
    • Readability: Enlarged and easier to read typography, for example, larger font
  • Enhanced look for specific controls
    • new panel stack visualizations
    • new calendar design
  • Large set of new icons and pictograms that are modernized with new theme without affecting existing icons in older themes –
    • new icon style with 16 x16 pixel size icons
    • All icons referenced as ~Icon/* are automatically replaced, based on the used theme.
    • Icons from the old icon library, referenced as ICON_* or @nn@ are not automatically replaced.


SAP Corbu theme is available for the following support packs:

  • NW 731 SP02
  • the new theme is delivered with further optimizations in NW 731 SP03 and SP04

How To Apply Corbu Theme to Web Dynpro for ABAP application

To apply or activate the newly-delivered SAP CORBU theme you have to simply append the URL parameter &sap-theme=sap_corbu to your application

(otherwise by default Wedynpro for ABAP applications use the SAP Tradeshow Plus theme. )

Development Effort Required

the Corbu theme works for all WD ABAP applications out of the box with no additional development effort.

Please perform visual verification of UIs to ensure no truncation of texts or misalignment occurs due to increased font sizes and line height

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