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Hi All, I am sharing my personal experience for create workflow from Newly integrated Eclipse Editor. As you know newly Eclipse ABAP editor has great feature for debugging and coding.  This document shows how you can create workflow in this Editor.

Prerequisite: You should install Eclipse Editor with ABAP feature. You must have latest GUI.


1. Open your Eclipse Editor.

2. Click on File -> New -> Other…


3. It will open a dialog for Repository Wizard.  Select ABAP Repository Object under ABAP list.


Click Next.

4. Here you have to select Workflow Template under Other list.


Click Next.

5. Put some Object Name and click on Finish


6. It will open Workflow Task editor same like GUI in the middle pane. Click on Maximize button, it will open in big dialog which is easily visible to use.


7. Then fill all the filed,  give workflow task name , workitem Text and  click on Save.


8. Create Transport Request and Save it.


9. Your Workflow task saved. Now click on Workflow Builder.


10.  It will open Workflow Builder.


11. Now add you step as your required. I just add Mail step.


12. Save and Activate the Workflow.


13.  You successfully created the workflow. Now for simple test click F8.


14.  Click Execute. It will execute the workflow and send mail to initiator , here it is you.

15. Then click on Business Workplace. It will open the inbox.


You will see mail . And testing successful.  Then click Restore for small pane.

16. Now you can see your Workflow template in the Left Panel.


That’s it.

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  1. Konstantin Anikeev

    Nice article.

    But actually do not see any advantage of using eclipse here. It eats workplace, memory, cpu and etc., and still launches SWDD GUI Transaction.

    And of course you stil need to GUI installed, So why do not launch it directly?

    1. Anjan Paul Post author

      Thanks Konstantin. To be frank, I am also feeling so. I did not find any advantage. May be in future we will find out something  .

    2. Mattias Johansson

      One advantage I see is that you can still have tabs open with your Abap objects and can easily switch back and forth, without having to navigate through multiple windows.

  2. Jocelyn Dart

    Thanks for sharing. I think at this stage the advantage will simply be that someone who is using Eclipse for general ABAP or HANA or other development work can get to the workflow developer from here as well without having to open SAPLogon. It’s early days.

  3. Former Member

    That was nice information. I was expecting to see some Eclipse-only features, but it seems that there is none (yet?). Well, even this will be useful in a project in which development work will be done with Eclipse.




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