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The growth must stop! (Patch and Installation Sizes just keep going up!)

Hi fellow consultants,

I started developing and implementing B1 here in Canada in the late 2002.

With version 6.5.

Back then, an sap patch was 70mb!

With every new patch I saw them grow, and grow and grow… slowly but surely.

I noticed the pattern within the first year and told myself (“They can’t keep growing… They will surely make a cuttoff version soon and reset the patch content right?”)  Wrong…

Since 2002, the patch and installations of SAP Business One have simply grown And at a steady pace too.

to give you an accurate example, if you go on the archive section of SAP B1 installation, go find the last patch of version 2004. You will see the it is 105 mb.

So from 6.5 to 2004 the patches grew from 70mb to 105mb… not too bad I guess.

Patch size by the end of :

Version 6.5: 70 mb

Version 2004: 105 mb   =       50% Growth

version 2005: 263 mb    =     150% Growth

Version 2007: 874 mb   =     232% Growth

Version 8.82: 2591 mb =     196 % Growth

Now in 2013, the latest patch for 9.0 Patch 3 is 3,523mb!!! That is a 35% growth for the first patch of the version… If the trend continues then by the end of this major release (2015) we will have to justify downloading patches in excess of 9000mb

Does SAP really need to include every single update since the beginning of time in every subsequent patch? No… that is what update cutoff points are for.

Every once and a while, SAP creates a new full install. A stand alone installation that we can install on a clean server.

To a certain point, I can understand that this particular installation will have a substantial size since it contains everything needed to install the full system.

But an update should only contain the data and files necessary to make up the difference between the clean install and the patch being installed.

I just wonder when someone important enough will take notice and do something about this.

Ahhhh that makes me feel better to finally have gotten that off my chest. haha

I would be very curious to know your thoughts on this mater.



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  • Hi Denis,

    Although I feel your pain, and I principally agree with you, I have to mention the following thoughts:

    • Upgrades should preferably only be performed when absolutely necessary, and that should (on the world average) be at worst once a year.
    • Version upgrades (in my experience) are best performed with a clean install.
    • Any upgrade should be carefully planned ahead, prepared and tested.

    With those considerations in mind, how big of a problem is it really to have to download a couple of Gigabytes overnight for the purpose ?



    • Hi Johan,

      Firstly thank you for replying to my post.

      It is our policy to start every new implementation with the latest patch of the current major release. So that means we are constantly managing patches. Either downloading them or copying them.

      But even with that, you are right that it is not such a big deal. If it was not for the fact that I feel that it is just badly designed patch system. As far as I can tell, there is not reason for the large size.

      The reason for the post was more to see if anyone else had noticed this or had similar opinions. I guess not 🙂



      • Hi Denis,

        Denis Doiron wrote:


        ...So that means we are constantly managing patches. Either downloading them or copying them....

        That is actually a very valid point. I was looking at it from a customer's perspective. We only have to deal with this stuff once a year at best.

        You know, you could post this as a development request on the SAP Business One Idea Place. There are quite a few other ideas there with the same premise: making the SAP Partner's life a little easier.