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Service Management – Define Access Sequence for Determining Address Data

Today we are gonna talk a little about address determination.  First off, if you use the standard in-house repair procedure, this step really means nothing, since your sales order handles all the heavy lifting of determining the addresses.

However, if you generate service orders directly from a notification or other means, and you need to determine the address for your customer (especially for billing), you’ll need to make sure this step is properly configured.



As you can see, the first entry is your default entry.  If it can’t match it exactly, it will follow this set of instructions.

Beyond that, you will see that the planning plant and order type are the keys to this table.  So if you need something different, you can distinguish your determination by those criteria.  You can have up to 5 different steps in the process.


These are the 5 different methods you have to choose from.  Again, not rocket science, but another important step in the process, and if you’re unaware of how it figures out this information, you might be left scratching you head for a long time.  (Like I was one day)

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